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By far the best way to enjoy all that we have to offer and at the cheapest price is with a membership subscription to This will enable you to have full access to all of the galleries and video clips on the site 24/7 and at any time you may wish. As you can see, the longer you are happy to subscribe for, the better the deal and the more you save!

Once you have entered your payment details you will be given your own individual Username and Password (e-mailed to you privately). Then, at any time you wish to visit, just log in with this information and enjoy browsing the galleries in the 'Members Only' area. Just click on 'View' for any specific image gallery or video you wish to look at in full, high resolution detail or simply download to enjoy later, at your leisure.

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Because there is so much wonderful material now available on our site, in order to protect ourselves from fraudulent users, we employ the services of a Fraud Protection company called Pennywize. They monitor and look for unusual activity or password sharers 24/7 for us. One of the safeguards now in place, and something that they also constantly monitor for us, is a daily download limit of 3,000,000,000 bytes and, because we now have many large HD video files on offer, it has become easier to hit this limit if you concentrate on too many videos in one day.

If you go over this limit then you will get automatically blocked for 24 hours, if it repeatedly happens then your account will be blocked and referred to us for consideration. As it is only crooks that tend to be in a hurry, before they get caught, then we feel this is a small price to pay by our honest members in return for thwarting the fraudsters and helping to maintain the viability of our excellent site.

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