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Welcome to the new look, exciting underwater world of AquaWomen, a special place on the web for all Aquaphiles and lovers of the submerged female form. Here, you can meet and enjoy superb still and moving imagery of our beautiful, young and attractive Mermaids, as they swim, dive and play under the water, creating a wide and varied selection of Aquatic Fantasy Scenarios and Themes especially for you.

The difference between us and many of the others is that when we shoot underwater still pictures or video we do so with a professional crew, using state of the art equipment and in crystal clear water. All of our shoots feature beautiful models with natural swimming and diving ability and each session is planned and most importantly lit. The results clearly show the difference in colour, sharpness and clarity between our imagery and much of the other, that you may be offered.

We have all sorts of ideas and all the things necessary to bring them to you including an unmatched variety of specialist 'props' encompassing all kinds of rare, vintage and modern scuba and professional diving equipment, along with a fantastic selection of both modern and vintage female swimwear. Combine this with the fact that we constantly update our comprehensive array of professional underwater filming and photographic equipment and finally, of course, who could ever possibly forget the most important ingredients of all, our simply stunning selection of underwater models!

With such a varied and unrivaled collection of fantastic gear readily at our disposal, we always try and cover as many of your diverse underwater interests as possible, (within ours and our payment providers preferred taste code) and this is something we have and always will continually strive to achieve! However, we are aware that one member's preference isn't always shared by the others, so to try and ensure that you can always have access to the type of imagery that you may specifically wish for, we have made some changes to the user options on our web site... no longer do we have the simple voting system open to all visitors but instead, to give us a more accurate feel for the preferences of our membership, this is now available to members only and in addition we have now introduced a great new feature whereby AquaWomen members only may also leave their comments on any Gallery or Video, for others to read.

Should you have something special in mind or perhaps an underwater scenario that you have always wanted to see re-created, then please feel free to contact us with any special requests you may have and, providing it's legal and not offensive to others, we will always do our best to bring it to you. We can also offer a completely confidential custom stills or video production service for clients too.

Our underwater shoots take place regularly. Our Galleries usually contain at least thirty images, often many more and are updated weekly. To view a free sample of the underwater imagery you can expect from Aquawomen.com see our preview video.

Why not dive in and join us?

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