Never Too Much 'Sea Hunt' ? - Member Comments

Never too much “Sea Hunt?” “True dat!” Practically all scubaphiles I know who grew up during the “boomer” generation were “bitten by the diving bug” when they first watched that formative TV adventure series. I’m willing to bet their first “crush” just HAD to be none other than Ms. Zale Parry!

Hey, have the Mermaids at been watching SH reruns lately? I say this because image 6 looks SO very much like the classic hands-on-hips “Sea Hunt stance” that was often displayed by any given “Mike Nelson” female dive buddy, who of course was almost always portrayed underwater by Zale.

(BTW, January 4th was the 60th anniversary of the first telecast of Sea we all wish that those episodes could have been lit and shot as sharply as the way Mermaid Tara does it in scenarios with Mermaid Elise)!

Happy 2018, everyone!


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