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Hello could use the beautiful girls the type of black fins i use jacqueline bisset in the deep 1977 or angeles charlie angels of the deep 1980 please! if would so kind

sexy fins

Cracking video.


LOVED that cinematic “open!” Seeing this sensational scenario in such a cool underwater video clip not so long after the photoset version of it appeared on is indeed QUITE a treat! There’s no doubt that a number of us “scuba gearheads” were very thrilled to see those images; and now we see one of our absolute fave frogwomen showing off some moves that should thoroughly wow “scuba gearheads” everywhere!

With this real-time video of the lovely Mermaid Porchia acclimating herself to the heavier-than-usual dive gear, we really can get a sense of just how great an underwater modelling pro she has become. And, once again this website does achieve something that so often seems impossible to other photographers and videographers; they put a gorgeous, shapely, fit young model into heavy dive kit and somehow still manage to capture plenty of evidence of her beauty and feminine curves!

The opening title sequence that I mention above really IS one that befits an video production. With their consistent high quality in every aspect of their shoots, this website has become something like the “Paramount Pictures” or “Warner Bros.” of aquaphile content. Thanks to the folks at for such a “polished performance” with each and every scenario they do for us!


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