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Back in the earlier years when I still practised this sport, the scuba women wore these jackets as what Porchia is sporting in this vid.

They either wore the matching diving hood or a smooth type bathing cap with a chin strap I suppose to keep their head warm or their long hair away from their mask?

Whichever, Porchia is amazing with neither of those commodities in this underwater spectacle and as subby has already mentioned, we never got a glimpse of any bare flesh as Porchia displays here.......

Right on 5:02 WOW, not to mention the build up with the amazing cleavage shots prior to the REVEAL.

Mmmmm....I believe Porchia is now top of the ratings with this 21st Century rendition of the Sea Hunt era.

If only....


IT’S LIKE SEA HUNT “RE-BOOTED” WITH A 21st CENTURY “FOX!” This clip really IS indeed a perfect 2015 “take” on that iconic underwater television drama series of 155 episodes that were scripted and produced way back about 55 years ago. It was syndicated all over the world, and has been credited for introducing entire generations to scuba. All of the divers on that series had circa-1960 VOIT double-hose scuba regulators with a look quite similar to Mermaid Porchia’s awesome 21st Century Aqua Lung Mistral “repro.”

More often than not, Sea Hunt producers actually preferred to have female guest stars appear in swimsuits on camera, but when conditions dictated the need for a wetsuit, their requirement was that it had to be solid black. The reason for that was simple: their scuba stunt performer Zale Parry, who often was on location shooting the underwater scenes thousands of miles away from where the studio and topside scenes were done, had to “match” whichever actress she happened to be doubling that week--so all of HER suits had to be black, too!

Not to sound too much like a total geek here (but as Mermaid Tara knows, and as you probably have noticed by now, it’s very difficult for me NOT to “geek out” over this "nod" to the series whose every episode I have practically memorized!), I notice some important differences between “then” and “now” that are glaringly obvious in this lovely video clip.

First of all, Porchia’s beavertail jacket is seen UNZIPPED here, making for a fantastically sexy look that without doubt would have been a real “no-no” on any U.S. television production back in the day. And of course, she’s also wearing her jacket without the pants, something that they almost never did in Sea Hunt! Back in 1960, that look may have actually been considered a bit “risqué” by American TV producers! But in 2015, believe me, Porchia’s beautiful legs are perfectly showcased in this clip, and part of that has to do with just how GORGEOUS that wetsuit jacket looks on her!

And of course, we do get to see Mermaid Porchia in color in this video; for reasons that were related to the relatively primitive state of underwater cine photography coupled with continuity problems back then (SH employed extensive use of “stock footage” most of which was only shot in monochrome), viewers were only ever able to watch Sea Hunt episodes in black & white; that’s why it disappeared from rerun rotation so quickly right at the time when television transmission in color became standard.

But really, I’m not out to “nitpick” here; this is a real treat for scubaphiles. It’s one of’s sharpest scuba clips ever, well over 6.5 minutes of sexy underwater fun. If you just love the look of stunning classic scubagirls, trust me--this one will rocket up to the top of your list of fave underwater videos. Mermaid Porchia does a turn that makes for a perfect modern homage to the classic Sea Hunt Girl. As a bonus, she shows off her moves in water that’s so “gin clear” that it seems to offer something close to the ultimate visibility possible. Perhaps due to the angles that are used in this clip, the pool incredibly somehow suddenly looks bigger and deeper inside--making me wonder if somehow has just signed up Doctor Who as their pool boy!

The lovely Porchia does some VERY cool things that you never, ever, witnessed a “Sea Hunt Babe” attempting underwater on the original show, especially those “reveals” at 3.10 and 5.05, something that SH fans heretofore only were ever able to dream about! Prior to that, she treats us with some other cute underwater antics, such as the way she kisses the insides of our computer screens at 3.30, practically leaving lipstick smudges there! At 04.15, it almost seems as if she’s trying to talk to us through her regulator mouthpiece, about which I’d like to say to her: hand signals are usually much easier to do and can be very effective, especially if you happen to be angry about something.

THANKS to the great folks at for producing this lovely video homage to that Sea Hunt “look.” I can think of no-one else who can ever do this so well--not even those dedicated SH cosplayers down at Silver Springs!




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