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Seeing the absolutely stunning Mermaid Elise floating at the surface anytime is always an aquaphile thrill; but giving us images of her wearing such an iconic swimsuit while in a classic oval dive mask elevates the entire scenario into pure brilliance, IMHO.

Image 16 really amazes me, it is so beautifully dramatic! And seeing all the great shots in this set now has me pondering: just imagine if the great Esther Williams had actually worn an oval dive mask in one of her films?

Hey Ttime! I recall comments you’ve made in the past on the “mystique” that the white swimsuits from the era of the 1950s had, and I totally agree! And without doubt the iconic “Dr. No” beach sequence with Ursula Andress in that incredibly well-constructed bikini was made all the more “eye-popping” BECAUSE that swimsuit was no doubt purposely made to be same shade of white as those one-piece “tank” suits from the films from a decade earlier, such as the one that Julie Adams wore for her role in that classic flick about the ORIGINAL “randy aquaphile” The Creature From The Black Lagoon:

(Look closely and you can see the Universal Studios lights and cameras, and the Hollywood Hills off in the distance. The actual underwater shooting was done 3500 km away in the Florida Springs, with Ginger Stanley acting as swimming double for Ms. Adams!)

Hmmm...and NOW the amazing Mermaids of have caused me to wonder: what if history had been a bit different and they had cast Esther Williams as the female lead in a “Black Lagoon” sequel? The mind boggles!


....What say you Sub?

Hey, just a word. Looking for "Smiles Tommies!"

...Last post. I came across "Hello Tommies" quite by accident. Appears to be cigarette cards art from WW2. Possibly from a magazine. "Illustrated."

Can't find now! LOL! No worries. Inspired by our magnificent mermaids who love to cheer us with their vintage (Nay... CLASSIC) looks.

...Experimenting with my links again too. LOL!

Don't know Subby ol'friend... html links are trivial. Just a vocational skill.

Seeing Mermaids Elise and Porchia here I see my rusty lyrics are inspired...?

Ttime :-) :-)

Call me inspired?

Dare I???


Underneath the mango tree?/a>

CLASSIC n a white swimsuit.

Cheers my beautiful muses! SKA! :-)


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