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MERMAID ELISE, SHOWING US HER “TEE TEASE!!!” This totally AMAZING young woman, the stunningly gorgeous underwater model named Elise who aquaphiles adore (and there is no doubt that she has been the “star” underwater performer of over the past decade), has been a total spellbinder whenever we’ve seen her posing in submerged scenarios.

But, what makes it so incredible is to think that she’s actually worked for for eleven years--because, truly, she does not look like she has aged more than a week or two over the past decade. Elise still looks like she’s about 21! How is this possible? Great genes? Perhaps...but personally I think it’s Mermaid Magic! Volumes have been written about how people who love the water and work out in it regularly simply do not age at the same rate as everyone else, and now more than ever, you can believe it!

IIRC, one of Mermaid E’s first scuba photosets in January 2007 was called “Elise Underwater with Twin-Hose and Topless.” It “dropped” here shortly after started and remains burned into my memory as perhaps the most fantastic set of its kind ever done, and it STILL is! And Elise, in those photos back then, I swear looks EXACTLY THE SAME as she does now, 11 years later. It’s uncanny, in a “Dorian Gray” kind of way. Either that, or Elise must have taken a snorkel trip in Florida and found exactly what Ponce de León was looking for there.

THIS “One More” set, which she does using a classic USD single hose scuba reg rather than double-hose unit this time around, is similarly unforgettable. And it is especially so, starting with her doing “that thing she does” at image 10 and continuing past image 20, after which she once again introduces us to her “girls” and give us such a lovely little show.

THANKS to Mermaid Elise for this and for all the other “Scuba Fantasies” you’ve starred in...and also for the many non-scuba ones such as “The Mermaid with the Dragon Tattoo(s)” back in 2012, a set which always sends my pulse racing whenever I think of it! Mermaid E, you are THE fantasy dreamgirl of aquaphiles everywhere and such an unforgettable and incredibly beautiful SUPERSTAR of underwater erotica!

And we also owe great big THANKS to Tara, the really cool “Mermaid Mastermind” behind this website. She’s not only the most AWESOME underwater photographer of erotica and glamour we’ve ever found, but also the skilled architect of the countless scenarios we’ve enjoyed here over the past decade. Her attention to detail, her extensive collection of authentic vintage and modern dive gear, and a swim wardrobe that seems to rival that of a Hollywood studio, all came together perfectly to make these images so unique and special. Mermaid T, without question, is the classiest and most brilliant person to ever provide content of this calibre to the ‘net. Mermaids Tara and Elise are THE Aquawomen we’ll never forget, the best underwater model and the superb photographer whose efforts at perfection in aquaphile content may eventually be imitated, but never will be equaled.


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