A Delightful "T" for Two ! - Member Comments

TOTES ADORBS! (That is NOT Latin...) Only the fantastically beautiful Mermaid Elise can do with such aplomb the very things she does here in wearing nothing much more than a “Tee” diving with classic scuba!

Scuba or no scuba, fans of this Mermaid’s lovely hair will find this photoset to be very special!

Personally, I really love image 3; it’s a truly great look by Elise in the kind of underwater photoset that she always OWNS. So many great closeups here, sure to please all of her fans! Elise also does that charming “thing” for us in image 5, a look which has been known to drive many of us completely wild! It simply requires her to remove her reg to do it for us, and that’s something that she always seems to be very willing and able to do! And then there’s image 9, a smiling underwater take sans reg that just puts me away!

And in image 19, suddenly she becomes “Miss FreeFlow 2017!” Ever notice how cool the bubbles seem to look whenever they’re in close proximity to Elise (okay, maybe it’s just my imagination, but DAMN!)

Thanks to Aquawomen’s finest talents, Tara and Elise...no other Mermaids on Earth can bring about the kind of results we see in this set of images!


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