You Like Competition SwimGirls ? Pt 1 - Member Comments

You definitely *are* SwimGirls :-) Wonderful :-)


“Who likes SwimGirls ? You like SwimGirls ? We like SwimGirls. We ARE SwimGirls …!”


“…Think you could catch her in the pool… ?”


Actually yes. But I won’t disclose my tactics so easily. I'm actually more tricksy than you think.

“…Think again !”

OK. I don’t have to. But if you insist, I’ll think about it…

Ttime ;-)

Love the suit and LOVE those, NICE guns! Hope to see more of the flexing.


Mermaid Kiki is truly drop dead gorgeous, for sure. Just loooooove this combo she is sporting, mmmmmm.......


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