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No pun intended--it’s hard for me to be “neutral” about this video! While we do frequently see lots of retro scuba looks depicted in this site’s underwater scenarios, and while that does often mean “no BCD,” THIS clip really does present a more realistic and up-to-date image of the 21st Century woman diver, a role for which the lovely Mermaid Porchia is absolutely PERFECT!

Porchia gives us one truly sultry scuba performance in that clear pool (which I SWEAR lately seems to appear even clearer and deeper than previously for some reason--no doubt related to the camera angle used!) water in this sharply-shot clip of 6 and-a-quarter minutes! This leggy blonde dive girl wastes no time at all in capturing our attention from the start, sending us lots of playful underwater “air kisses!” She then proceeds to mesmerize us all with each and every one of her lovely underwater moves!

Those who favor their scubagirls to dive more modern style gear are in for a REAL treat with this one! And, modern BCDs have come a long way and really did help to revolutionize sport diving, despite the grumbling of a lot of the “old timers.”

Thanks to Aquawomen.com for another SENSATIONAL scuba clip that really showcases a stunning Mermaid’s scuba “technique,” while showing us one more reason why she has fast become the fave of so many aquaphiles!


You just did it yourself Smurfie !

Thank you - So pleased you enjoyed it !



please tell porchia that she is one sexy beautiful curvy gorgeous mermaid - she looks great in the swimsuit , always looks sexy with or without scuba gear - love the ablj , thanks to all the team , tara and especially the scuba babe , mermaid porchia


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