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I downloaded the video and in my pc is only 151mb i cannot play it


Totally and utterly lost for any other words !

Mike Nelson

THE “SPETTAN” IMAGE OF A SCUBAPHILE DREAMGIRL! Attention all fans of the classic look of serious scubagirls clad in black neoprene: YOU’RE GONNA LOVE THIS CLIP! If you happen to be anything like me and tend to prefer the kind of Mermaids who dress for the water in smoothskin rubber to dive with scuba, this one should make your weekend very memorable and perhaps quickly climb up the list of your all time faves. Trust me, Mermaid Porchia appears so striking here in scuba in the clear water of the Aquawomen pool, that if you’re a true scubaphile, you’ll never forget this video!

The clip opens in the usual Aquawomen.com video style, panning down to frame the beautiful Porchia happily smiling and patiently waiting for us on the bottom, waving to the camera. What follows are some moves that are as smooth as her wetsuit! For at least half of the first minute, we’re entertained and entranced by the way her lovely legs are made to look even longer by a beautiful pair of fins. What follows throughout this video is an energetic performance that illustrates that few things on Earth can look as marvelous as a beautiful woman confident in scuba, having fun underwater. Hey...wanna get kissed by a Mermaid? Get REAL close to your screen at 01:04, and again at 04:29! In all, this plays out to five minutes and twenty-five seconds of concentrated “scubaliciousness!”

Her dive kit is ideal, the oval mask is a classic, and those stylish fins will really catch your eyes! But--it’s that ultra-cool black wetsuit top that REALLY completes her look. It’s a professional quality neoprene divesuit of a type that you’ll never see on a mere casual weekend sport diver. With its attached hood and zipper-less design, it’s a very “Euro-style” divesuit, and for good reason: Spettan is a Spanish company whose suits are designed for customers who are serious freedivers and spearfishing competitors (a primarily Mediterranean market), dedicated divers who know what they’re doing in the water, and do it well. And--whaddya know? It just so happens that Spettan STILL make beavertail wetsuits! That’s what I call “modern retro!” This video also helps to demonstrate how well a beavertail-style suit will show off a fit female diver’s figure!

Perhaps it’s just me, but I swear that there’s also something about Porchia in this vid that stirs up some fond aquaphile memories of the “scuba femme fatales” in those countless derivative 007-style “eurospy” flicks, “caper” films, mysteries, etc., from the ‘60’s onward. That hood and her black scuba cylinder may have a lot to do with it; she definitely has the exact “look” here. Deep down (yeah, pun intended!), many scubaphiles probably wish that they could have seen more of SPECTRE’s female operatives underwater in “Thunderball,” because we can only imagine that they would have looked very much like what we see in this clip. Really, all she needs here is a speargun, and she would then look as if she was ready to join the underwater battle!

Thanks to Aquawomen.com for producing one of the best scuba clips ever! I just love it, and it’s so great that I could rave on and on about it all night, but I gotta go hurry and clean my monitor screen right now; it seems as if someone has slobbered all over it!


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