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...Oh. And just to keep the record straight: I'm not actually into "drop-dead women." That was a typo. Sure, I admit I'm a bit kinky... But even I have some boundaries of good taste! ;-P

Ttime ;-P

...OMG! Thankfully I didn't make it over to Facebook, eh?

Well, OK, ummmmmm... Busted. It was my friend's birthday yesterday. Yes. Really. As you can see...

"May I go mom dog to the banana patch?"
(Bourbon. I think I'll stick with Scotch from now on.)

Shall I try again? In English this time? OK. Enough gibberish. Right to the point.

A week on now and I'm still rockin' this video! Really! Such an underwater "T"ease she is! Wearing just the jacket with hood and the belt around Elise's waist really works for me! And a truly amazing bubbles display which goes WELL beyond I LOVE BUBBLES!!!!!!!! (Yes. My taser implant did go off. But I scarcely noticed it over the thundering noise of my keyboard... :-P)

Besides Elise titillatingly taunting us by removing her helmet, her eyes & fabulous features are not hidden or distorted by a mask/reg, and she even splashes the water inside the bottom of her helmet! Now THIS is my idea of a "dive girl!!!!" :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O I would certainly be "T"hrilled to see MORE LIKE THIS!

OK. More lucid this time? Good.

Still rockin'!


Ttime :-) :-)

Hey HP!

Did I saw anything about stun guns and the pain I'm experiencing? No? It's OK. Really. I can deal with it.

The BUBBLES. I LOVE bubbles. Tasered perfection. I can cope.

Not that I didn't notice her multicolored nails.
I just say too much. Don't I?

I like this. Alot. Really. Sign me up.

Confronted with such a drop-dead woman underwater in a rubber wetsuit jacket, and having memorized the extent of her dragon tattoos, a real man should know to shut up.

Yes? Yes.


Ttime: “...A ‘Nemette?’ Sort of like a Rockette? Only better? :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O She's definitely got the legs for it! What say you, subby?”

Totally AGREE, Ttime, LOL! In fact, at the 07.01 mark of the video, just after Elise doffs her Aquabell helmet and waves “bye” to us, she swims by the camera as she makes her ascent, and we get a GREAT close-up peek at that pair of VERY beautiful legs, totally resembling an “underwater Rockette!” I’ve been down to Radio City Music Hall to watch the Rockettes perform a few times, and the way that the Spetton wetsuit jacket is cut, it actually even looks sorta like one of the outfits they would wear. Imagine a whole chorus line whose members are even half as beautiful as someone like Elise—-they are really spectacular!

Did ya catch at the end how the Aquabell, “all by its lonesome” on the pool bottom, seemed to wait there for a brief interval and then slowly float upwards to the surface, just like a puppy following Elise home? I know I’d sure do the same thing!

Oh yeah, and that “windshield cleaner” bit! So cute (and that sloppy wet plexiglas kiss, too)! Guess a girl’s just gotta keep her Aquabell helmet faceplate defogged, ya know?
Keep ‘em flying, dude!


I shall never watch my car's windshield cleaners in quite the same way ever again! :-D

"...a cross between a female Russian cosmonaut and a young lady member of Captain Nemo’s Submarine Nautilus dive team...!"

A "Nemette?" Sort of like a Rockette? Only better? :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O She's definitely got the legs for it! What say you, subby?

"...We have to apologize guys, our underwater modeling light let us down on the shoot and so we lost the ability to light Elise's beautiful face properly..." Lighting problem, MT? WHAT lighting problem?

"...but we hope you agree that the clip is too good to have just thrown away...? Are you INSANE?

I LIKE! You're on to something here, ladies!

(Did I mention that I'm just a smidge kinky???)

Late here. Gotta go. More later...


Ttime :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O

Got to love Elise in her Aquabelle Helmet, great dive to sit back and view.


SHE'S LIKE A “BOND” GIRL AS IMAGINED BY JULES VERNE! For all fans of hotties in wetsuits, for those who just love to see a daring young lady diver in offbeat vintage gear, and for all of us who totally adore Aquawomen.com’s Mermaid Elise (an exceptional diver who’s ALWAYS exceptionally stunning, whether she’s kitted up in heavy or light gear), this is a video you will LOVE! We’ve seen her dive the Aquabell helmet in a previous Aquawomen.com video in a full drysuit. But, in THIS clip, she’s far sexier in a sleek and snug wetsuit jacket, and way more confident and playful underwater in that “hat” this time around!

Check as many of the other aquaphile content sites across the net as you wish, and you will find that no-one else but THIS website ever does a video like this--and that’s only partly due to the fact that the Aquabell helmet is such a collector’s item, and an extreme rarity to see in use anywhere by anyone in this century. These helmets were pretty rare to see even in their “heyday,” and were considered to be more for the "tourists" venturing underwater for the first time, and for the non-diving boater who needed to inspect the hull below the waterline. But, WOW, do they look cool; vintage dive gear enthusiasts among us will agree--there simply are not very many of these left in existence, let alone still in working order. Nor, I should add, are there many such beautiful divers willing and able to show us one in use!

Wearing a snug, hooded wetsuit that fits her “like a glove” underneath the retro-futuristic Aquabell helmet has the effect of making Elise look like a 007-film femme fatale in heavy gear, or sort of like a cross between a female Russian cosmonaut and a young lady member of Captain Nemo’s Submarine Nautilus dive team! The resulting look is astounding, just like something straight out of an aquaphile’s fantasy divegirl dreams. But then again, this IS Elise--a true underwater dreamgirl if there ever was one! From the amazing way that she is able to look with her beautiful eyes wide open underwater, to her ultra-cute multi-color nails, to just how well that her beavertail jacket accentuates her figure, Elise is absolutely unforgettable in this great video.

As usual with Aquawomen.com's videos, the clip opens as the camera pans down to the sight of a beautiful smiling Mermaid waiting for us on the bottom, waving “hi!” Elise then wastes no time showing us her great competence diving this rig, repeatedly removing her helmet underwater, and giving us an extensive show of her skills with such unusual dive gear. I personally didn’t find the lighting problem that’s mentioned above to be much of a hindrance here, perhaps because the water is just SO clear in that pool to begin with; and then again, Elise DOES possess a certain “natural radiance” that tends to shine through! To sum it up, I found this to be a full seven minutes and twenty seconds of absolute underwater heaven, and before Aquawomen.com did this vid, it’s something that one could have only dreamed about.

THANK YOU, to the brilliant people at Aquawomen.com for this video, and for being so consistently awesome. It’s the perfect example of exactly the kind of dive gear fantasy clip that only you folks are able to produce and it’s another one of the reasons that this site is so special, and so unique! I promise that I’ll try not to wear out the “More Like This Please” button, but I loved this one SO much that it’s gonna be a real challenge!


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