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REFRESHINGLY FRESH REFRESHER TRAINING (Just try saying that three times, quickly)!!! The very same adventure and excitement of two of's hottest and very best underwater models demonstrating basic scuba training that we witnessed in the recent photoset. A thoroughly “scubalicious” video allowing us to see Mermaids Fi and Elise's mask clearing and buddy breathing skills played out in real time--and quite beautifully so. This video serves as further proof that Elise and Fi are (1.) undeniably every bit as beautiful under the water as any women can be, and (2.) among the best “scuba naturals” that you will ever see working as models. This is also a great example of one of the types of videos that ALWAYS seems to do far better than anyone else, the “2-girl scuba” clip.

If you love to watch gorgeous women divers, then you will just love the over six and a half minutes of beautifully executed scuba skills here. I don't know if Elise is actually certified as a dive instructor in real life, but it wouldn't surprise me if she is. She plays the part of one here SO convincingly, that even her hand signals look totally “pro.” And, Fi portrays the good student so well that she has to be every instructor's dream, deserving of flying colors for the exercise, especially the color red! Both Fi and Elise also display very beautiful underwater smiles, confirming that they're both completely and confidently “at home” on the bottom of that pool! If you are a certified diver, this clip may well inspire you to head out to the local scuba shop to sign up for refresher training. If you're not a diver, it might instantly cause you to want to sign up to get certified. I'm guessing, though, that you don't look anything like Fi, and I'm willing to bet that the instructor won't look anything like Elise. Such is life, so THANK GOODNESS for this website!

KUDOS to for releasing this video so quickly after that related photoset, which it really serves to complement!


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