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Great video - Kiki seems eminently suited to this type of scenario.
I hope there will be a photo set. Which reminds me - Kiki's photoset of scuba in lingerie last year was flagged as part one. Please may we have part two in the not too distant future?
Must go - as I am typing this, Kiki is pictured at the top of the page in her pantyhose, looking over her shoulder at me and I am now speechless!



”Have you ever looked at that beautiful girl in the office, or in a store and imagined her underwater and in scuba…?”

…Are you SERIOUS?

…Did you actually have to ASK, MT?

(…More like how many times per second?)

Ttime ;-)

A video that’s SO much more than the title indicates! Yes, it’s the adorable Mermaid Kiki underwater in scuba (no fins this time, but she's in certainly one of the sexiest pairs of pantyhose tights ever) in the role of someone who may well remind you of that hot young woman you work with at the office every day who is so downright “smoking” that the very sight of her instantly sends you straight into an aquaphile daydream.

But, just wait ‘til you see this clip!!! This is more than most of us could simply imagine! It’s one of Kiki’s best performances for Aquawomen.com to date, seven solid minutes of a sensual underwater dance in scuba (and sheer office attire as her “divesuit”) that is so overwhelmingly erotic that you’ll watch it over and over again and you'll wish to God that you worked in an office where the “perks” included weightlessness and co-workers who look and swim like Mermaid Kiki!

Just an amazing underwater video, a lovely clip from a lovely young woman who really knows how to put on a show for aquaphiles! Thanks to everyone at Aquawomen.com...things were getting a bit dry on the ‘net lately and all of us fans of Kiki really needed to be “hosed down,” so to speak!


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