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A CERTIFIED SIREN? It’s just AMAZING how well this scenario works! After all, I’m sure some tradition-minded aquaphiles out there might object to the very idea of a Mermaid in scuba gear, calling it “redundant,” or regarding it to be a “mixed metaphor.” But wait! This fantastic underwater video stars none other than the very gorgeous and extremely seductive Kiki as a scuba girl who sports a tail...or, is she REALLY a genuine Mermaid who likes to mock humans by strapping on one of their silly scuba tanks?

Whatever, this is one SUPERB underwater performance, far more fun and way more erotic than anything you’ll ever see down at Weeki Wachee Springs! Kiki puts on the kind of spirited and dynamic show of “tail swimming” that only the use of scuba can make possible, and she’s in constant lovely motion here, doing everything that aquaphiles like to see their fantasy Mermaids do, and very enticingly so! I really LOVE this vid! I’ve got to tell you though: what takes place starting at about 5.35 into the clip and continuing all the way to the end at about 7.35 practically makes my lose consciousness. I would describe the scene in more detail, but I’m starting to feel a bit “woozy” even recalling it. Just INCREDIBLE!

One of the reasons that this scenario works so well is the smaller scuba tank that Kiki uses here. It definitely makes a difference, allowing her to swim and maneuver far more “Mermaid-like” than what a larger, more standard cylinder would ever make possible. This is another example of the way that Aquawomen.com always seem to perfectly match their models to the gear, something that I really love about this site!

Scuba-plus-Mermaid-tail is a “look” that has been seen on video in the past on very rare occasions--but never as captivatingly sexy as THIS way! Famed Hollywood underwater stunt performer Zale Parry did a sequence with a squad of Marineland-of-the-Pacific Mermaids swimming with neoprene tails in scuba in a 1960’s U.S. network TV special; and then there’s the 20th Anniversary DVD edition of Disney’s “Splash,” where Daryl Hannah’s underwater stunt double can be seen practicing use of the prototype of “Madison’s” tail costume while on scuba; more recently there are the specialist wetsuit makers who build custom neoprene tails for open water diving and put their promotional videos up on YouTube.

But, THIS...this is certainly the best rendition ever of this kind of scenario, and is definitely an underwater clip that this website has the ability to “pull off” (no pun intended!) much better than any of the others today. Kudos to Kiki and all at Aquawomen.com for producing this vid; here’s hoping that you choose to explore this theme again soon!


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