Scubie Doo - Its More Fun With Two ! - Member Comments

A really cool, totally fun “two-girl/dive buddies” video!!! If you happen to be a scubaphile, this one will definitely warm you up on a cold winter’s day! It’s Mermaids Porchia and Elise, two of the hottest of the Aquawomen, getting VERY friendly and familiar with each other while scuba diving with the same gear we saw in their “Two Girl Vintage Underwater Action” scenario.

This clip features a very cute “open.” While Elise is in the process of completing an underwater somersault for us, Porchia suddenly appears and startles her, and it looks like the two nearly collide! But this time around, the two smokingly hot scuba girls are clearly now in the mood to be a lot friendlier with each other, which means we then get to witness Elise helping out her dive buddy Porchia with a little swimsuit “wardrobe adjustment action” instead of fighting with her!

I just loved how, as we so often see with Elise, it doesn’t take long for her to get bored using her regulator, removing it at 02:10, with Porchia also “taking the dare.” Elise has her reg out again at 04.15...and then she decides to doff her mask--which seems to even take Porchia by surprise!

The beautiful submerged action of the two gorgeous young women swimming around each other in a very sexy version of “underwater exploration” dominates this video clip, playing out like a dream, a seven-minute tease that will surely leave scubaphiles wanting to see more and more of these kind of scenarios.

Thanks to for such a lovely scuba video! Really, no-one else does them as totally cool as this!


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