'Royal' Fun in the Pool ! Pt. 1 - Member Comments

Right on, Mr. Howland! Perhaps some of us were pre-occupied with Holiday stuff and travel when this set dropped onto the ‘net last week, too busy to comment. Certainly bathing cap fans frequenting this website must be totally in orbit over this photoset, and have likely already fallen so completely for the beautiful Elise that they’re unable to comment at this time. I believe this is a syndrome that might be called “Mermaid-induced euphoria,” something that this website is SO adept at generating, so frequently!

My advice for anyone who loves to see images of 20th Century-style swimgirls and is fascinated by the classic glamour-girl-in-the-water genre: don’t miss this photoset. The close-ups are AMAZING! Image 30 is my fave here, with Elise absolutely PERFECT as the supremely sultry swimgirl of bygone times.

Kudos to Mermaid Tara, whose masterful photography results in so many completely amazing images in this “jumbo” photoset. These shots instantly transport us back through time to that oh-so-golden era of “showbiz swimming,” when such sharp images were not yet technically possible and most aquatic fantasies were still only ever seen in black-and-white.

And...here’s hoping more of our fellow ‘cap lovers leave comments to let the Aquawomen.com Mermaids know just how much they want to see scenarios like this one, on or under the water!


Oh My Goodness !
I cannot possibly have this totally awesome set of pictures go another day without any "Comments" whatsoever !
I am guilty of seeing it for the first time last week, but being in too much of a hurry to pen my Comments then, I couldn't believe it when coming back today and seeing no other comments or words of praise at all?
And so, on behalf of all genuine Bathing Cap enthusiasts in the world, Thank You so very much for Aquawomen.com and Thank You so very much for the unbelievable Mermaid Elise!!!!!!!!!!
That combination really is totally unique !


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