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No. No more jokes about tires (“tyres”) & such. That’s getting old. And offensive to such an expert diver as Mermaid Elise and all her rubber fans. I’m sorry. I’ll not say anything like that ever again.

However, once upon a time I did nearly purchase a car for which that suit (and Mermaid Elise) would’ve made a perfect “bra…”


:-D :-D :-D

(Regrettably I appear to be unable to download this video in either form. My internet service has degraded to the point that there are penguins in Tierra del Fuego with better bandwidth than me… But I’ll take subby’s word about the excellence of the free diving aspects of this video of course, and extend my kudos to Mermaid E…)

Ttime :-)

THE BELLE IS WRINGING-—IT’S THE AVON LADY AGAIN! One “highly plElise-ing” underwater video! If you happen to be a frogwomen fan, this may well put you into orbit! It’s’s own scuba goddess, Mermaid Elise, geared up in that same heavy-duty red Avon rubber drysuit that many of us loved in the photoset she did a couple of months ago here. With this video clip of course, we get to see her in motion, diving with a “surface air supplied” regulator as she demonstrates her scuba skills to us while looking exactly like the most beautiful commercial diver you will ever see, in any sea.

It sure doesn’t take very long at all for “Elise to be Elise” in this clip! A scant 15 seconds after the video opens, she has the regulator out of her mouth and is waving “hi!” to us while flashing her amazing underwater smile (since she’s wearing a drysuit, that’s about the extent of the “flashing” possible, but hey, this is a heavy gear video after all, and I’m sure we all promise not to even try to imagine what she’s wearing underneath. Right, guys?)

Anyway, after some “cute ‘n’ sexy” smiles and bubble blowing, she finally puts the reg back in her mouth. After playing with her cute pink fins, her regulator is out again, and at only 02:00 into the video, off goes her mask. At 03:00 in, it’s time for some mask clearing practice, and then we get to see her in motion, showing off her underwater drysuit swimming skills, with lots of action.

More “reg out” and mask clearing is demonstrated, and quite beautifully so, the way that Mermaid Elise always does them. She gets so amazingly “up close and personal” with the camera at times in this video, that it feels like you’ve somehow accidentally ventured into the middle of the pool.

But at about 07:15, an AMAZING sequence begins which would be quite a rare sight on it’s own in real life, and something that you have probably never seen on video anywhere: a beautiful young woman geared up in a drysuit, freediving from the surface to her regulator on the pool bottom, and doing it right! Simply amazing, and another example of the kind of thing you can only see on this site. There are entire courses devoted to drysuit diving techniques in particular, and “DIR” in general, and perfect weighting and buoyancy with them sometimes seems to be both art and science. Elise demonstrates her skills in this clip just like a seasoned instructor!

ANOTHER awesome and beautiful scuba video of exactly the kind that this site has become famous for! I feel as if I’ve just attended the sexiest drysuit dive class in history, conducted by Professor Elise. Perhaps it’s just me, but I swear that looking at Elise doing all this while appearing so totally natural in that heavy drysuit tends to make one wonder if her modeling work isn’t just merely something she does “on the side” whenever she’s not off somewhere working in her secret identity as a commercial clearance diver or something. Nah, couldn’t possibly be so, could it? How many clearance divers could ever have such great nails? Anyway, THANKS to for keeping us frogwomen fans so totally enraptured tonight!


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