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Cute! I want her toes!
(No, silly! With the rest of her too, of course... :-)

Ttime :-)

DEEP “SPACE” FINE!!! A thoroughly brisk, entirely scuba-sexy, spirited, and downright animated underwater clip that lasts 6-1/2 minutes but will thrill scuba lovers and fans of Mermaid Porchia all weekend long. A big advantage of full face masks is said to be the way they’re supposed to reduce fatigue. Well, maybe it did so for Porchia, but that Raptor mask will likely only serve to enervate all who view it in use in this Aquawomen.com video! Kinetic, to say the least. It’s one VERY energetic underwater swimming performance. It’s as if the extra security of the full face mask gives her even more confidence and causes her to punch everything “up a notch.” She swims forward and spins and swims backward, barely slowing (and "barely" showing!) as we watch and swoon. There’s not much air conservation going on here—for anyone!

"Toe to toe

Dancing very close

Barely breathing

Almost comatose

Wall to wall

People hypnotized

And they're stepping lightly

Hang each night in Rapture..."

Wait...the word in that landmark classic Blondie tune WAS “rapture” rather than “raptor,” wasn’t it? After all, how on Earth could Debbie Harry actually have been singing about THIS Aquawomen.com video more than three decades before it was made, way before this cutting-edge full face mask was designed, and several years before any of the gorgeous Mermaids of this website were even born? Beats me, but this clip puts one into a frame of mind that REALLY fits that classic Blondie tune even better than Gershwin’s “Rhapsody In Blue,” which probably no-one reading this even remembers unless they’re seriously into 20th Century pop culture. Right, Ttime?

In this video we get to see Porchia’s turn at portraying the gorgeous "scuba babe" kitted up in the full face mask of the future, and what a thoroughly entertaining aquatic performance it is! You swim, girl! This clip may serve as (unintentionally I’m sure) one great “commercial” for Ocean Reef’s FFMs. I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but after viewing this I’d really LOVE to have one of these masks, but alas, it’s my understanding that if you do order one, an Aquawomen.com Mermaid is NOT included with the package.

As always here, the scuba kit is PERFECTLY matched with the Mermaid--one of the “trademark” features of this website. Porchia’s also wearing a pair of classic design Rapido fins, and I just love her “dive suit,” which consists of one VERY cute little bikini bottom and nothing more--it’s all she really needs in that beautifully clear water, which makes all of us fans of Mermaid Porchia very grateful!

If anyone here happens to notice that I can’t seem to stop smiling all weekend, I’ll just have to say to them that I’m merely happy that Spring is here; understanding the appeal of a beautiful young blonde Mermaid in a full face scuba mask, who looks like an angel and swims like a fish, just might pose a bit of a challenge to the uninitiated. THANKS to the folks at Aquawomen.com; with this latest video, you’ve again earned our “raptorous” applause!


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