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@ttime handbrake should be able to convert it zune playable format. its pretty powerful piece of free software and recommend doing some googling and watch a couple of youtube vids should help. these are best setting for a zune .


Re: video: I’ve got Windows 7 64-bit with a Radeon HD 7570, and I need to have .wmv or .mp4 to transfer to another device. I downloaded the .wmv file & it played fine (reg. & full screen) except that I had a bit of a framerate “sticking” problem at around 3:54. Good quality. I liked the quality of the Real Player videos before vs. Quicktime, but eventually I found a problem that I could not convert the files into .wmv at the right dimensions/aspect ratio for my Zune. Never resolved if it was an issue with Real Converter that it just wouldn’t let me set the right aspect ratio, or if there was something in the Real files that had changed (sorry Tara, but it still converted your older Real files to the correct aspect ratio so it seems like something changed within your files)

I’ll have to try later, but the .wmv appears to be the right dimensions to transfer to my device, so posting .wmv files would appear to resolve that for me. But I’m a hopeless “Luddite” (as one of my flying friends calls me :-) and I’m sure I’ll be dragged kicking and screaming to a tablet or smartphone or something soon enough. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix (or replace) it…” ;-P

Re: Closeups vs. “other bits:” My 2c worth (or “tuppence,” depending where you live? ;-) I’m partial to wider-angle figure shots, thusly:

Besides showing off the…ummm… “other bits,” one enjoys a much greater appreciation of the model’s dazzling swimwear attire…

From behind, I definitely love the coy “over the shoulder” glance, thusly:

Would be nothing short of shameful to miss out on such pretty eyes & faces! (Careful not to twist your neck muscles though! Ouch!)

Sometimes the best of both worlds (figure v. close-up) can be achieved: (Mermaid Fi is FInominally good at these kinds of shots! :-) (And Mermaid Julie too! Hope she comes back to visit again…)

But I agree with closeupfan, sometimes there’s just no substitute for a closeup!: (God, she's incredible!)

Though I would add a couple of caveats:

1. No need to limit “puffy cheek” expressions strictly to close-ups!:

2. No need to limit breathholding contests to close-ups only: (Just “T”easing glimpses of Holly in her dazzling bikini! Would love to see more of her showing off her bikini!) (Or to see more of Sammie in her striking purple swimsuit! AND Fi too, of course! :-)

For breathholding contests Perhaps more shots of the models prone on the bottom could be mixed in, or posing like these?:

Well, you get the idea. I tend to favor a bit more weight towards figure shots (“other bits…” ;-) but I definitely like a fair amount of close-ups mixed in with galleries too (as opposed to nearly all close-ups or all figure shots). It’s just another one of those “balance” things, seeking a happy medium...

Oh… And did I fail to mention that the Aquawomen Bikini Bombest Blondeshell Twins™ ROCK??? Did I fail to say that the Aquawomen Bikini Bombest Blondeshell Twins™ RULE??? Is it fair to say that Hayley and Porchia ROCK & RULE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I think so… :-) :-)


lovely video although i had some issues as well playing this on osx 10.8.2. (mountain lion) but to be honest never been much of problem because vlc will play if anything fails.

i alway convert these with handbrake to mp4 and i have never lost any quality.


Tara, I am not asking for only close shots, just that you include some in the videos as there is none currently. That way the video might appeal to a wider audience, having both, no?


I still have issues with running HD Mpegs on an iMac under OSX10.6.8


BOOBALICIOUS SCUBALICIOUSNESS! A lovingly beautiful video for the scubaphile! On the very website that regularly specializes in replicating and rendering visual depictions of erotic aquaphile fantasies SO much better than others, here's a wondrous vid clip for those who daydream about beautiful scuba girls—times two! If you like seeing fit, sexy young women in scuba, if you believe that real mermaids wear fins and dive gear (and don't really need to wear much else), or if you truly feel that there are few sights that can be as amazing as that of two gorgeous woman breathing from scuba regs while happily playing underwater in a very friendly manner, this video clip will delight and excite you, and may also instantly give you the feeling of “deja vu” when you watch it. The reason for this is simple: it's another example of a video that looks and plays out just like your own scuba fantasies COME TO LIFE! Once again, the brilliant folks at have somehow managed to directly tap into the collective scubaphile unconscious, and demonstrate to us the true meaning of “scubalicious” in the form of a clip that features not just one--but TWO--of their loveliest young underwater models.

For the record, this clip downloaded, opened, and played flawlessly for me.

With the first couple of minutes of this vid, Mermaids Hayley and Porchia have effectively created a very good tutorial on the proper adjustment and placement of bikini top straps, a sequence which I thoroughly enjoyed, and will never ever forget for the rest of my life. Thanks for that, ladies! I think I now am able to perfectly understand why so many dive instructors insist that their female students must wear t-shirts in the pool if they show up for their lessons in bikinis.

Things I really loved about this clip:

1.) Hayley
2.) Porchia
3.) bikini top straps
4.) that cute squeaky regulator noise
5.) their masks
6.) their fins
7.) their bubbles
8.) whatever the heck Porchia was trying to do with Hayley's bikini bottom at 3:33
9.) their kiss at 3:51
10.) Porchia's smile right after that

Thing I didn't like about it:

1.) It's over so quickly! I know it runs more than 4 minutes, but it just seemed to ZOOM by!


Hi Tara! For what it’s worth, I believe Quicktime is now considered universal, but I have no problem with any of the 3 different formats on my iMac. As an avid Apple user I can just as easily play Windows Media files using the Flip For Mac software. I would say that Real Player is the most out-of-date format, and I never liked the buggy navigation on the time-line/play bar.


Well, believe it or not, there are lots of others who like to see all of the other bits too, 'closeupfan' ! ;-)

But, guess what ? Just for you, our beautiful Mermaid Elise put on a black smooth Beavertail jacket, a matching hood and an old oval mask and did lots of close ups, with and without her mask, on stills and video, when she was with us just recently ;-)



again, could have been so much better. Did not include any facial close up shots where we can really see and appreciate their gorgeous eyes and lips. Pretty please?


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