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HOORAY Mermaids P and T!

...Aaaaaaaw, come on! I have to be nonconformist SOMETIMES, right? ;-)

I shall download and check it out (Remember Maxim 100, right?). And cheers to all my scuba compadres!

Ttime :-)

SCUBA DIVA-TOR! Back in ’07, featured a couple of “heavy gear” videos which had Mermaid Sammie diving a heavy drysuit with the AGA mask--and they were very fantastic clips. One of them had her all geared up topside breathing with the FFM, and then another showed her submerged standing on the bottom of the pool looking something like an astronaut exploring the surface of an alien planet. Well, I’m here to tell you: THIS new AGA clip with Mermaid Porchia is far MORE amazing than those “oldies but goodies” with Sammie, and this time it’s definitely all about, like the Beatles song goes, “something in the way she moves.”

The gorgeous Porchia really does know just how to get our attention with her kinetic and very lovely moves in this underwater performance. Just watching this clip might even tire YOU out! This is eight minutes and twenty seconds of pure scubaliciousness that showcases one of the most beautiful divers you will ever see in a full facemask!

Honestly, I don’t recall any woman able to look as hot as Porchia in an FFM since the first time I saw “Fantastic Voyage” as a kid--and I guess Raquel Welch probably shouldn’t really even qualify because she wasn’t actually underwater in most of the “microscopic scuba diving” scenes, and her “Fantastic” FFM was just a Hollywood prop.

As we know from Porchia’s related photoset with the AGA mask, there’s just no hiding her beauty in such an FFM, and it’s more than just the great lighting; it definitely has a lot to do with those eyes, a perfectly alluring shade of “Mermaid Blue!”

And somehow, that Japanese swimsuit seems to look even more amazing on her in this clip than it did in the photoset, a great example of how the right swimsuit on the perfect shape can produce exquisite results.

Thanks to for this, one of the best FFM scuba clips yet!


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