Twin-Hose Bikini Scuba Diver ! - Member Comments

A “DOUBLE-HOSE DIVA” SHOWS US HER MOVES UNDERWATER! Scuba fans who love Mermaid Porchia’s recent bikini-clad scuba photoset will TOTALLY adore this video clip! It’s Porchia at her submerged best in that classic twin-hose rig that reminds us all of precisely the way that young women sport divers looked when venturing into the warmer waters of the world during an era five to six decades ago. Just think--those pioneering scuba girls truly were “daring” in more ways than one!

I’ve said it before: she’s a genuine sultry scuba goddess in this selection of gear! She presents EXACTLY the kind of image that a lot of us scubaphiles do tend to dream about on a regular basis. And, since this is of course a video, the great thing is that you’re not likely going to be awakened by an alarm clock going off as THIS plays out!

Porchia puts on one VERY beautiful underwater performance in this vid, which includes great views of some of the features that captivate fans of her work on this website, from those lovely legs, to her perfect bikini shape, to a stunning pair of “electric blue” eyes in an oval mask. This clip certainly leaves us with absolutely no doubt about it--she IS a genuine scuba dream girl!

I totally agree with Mr. Scubasmurf about this one! Basically, this is five-and-a-half minutes of pure video “scubaliciousness” and one real treat for all scubaphiles as well as all of Porchia’s fans. What a GREAT way to start a weekend! WELL DONE, folks!


What a great video - one sexy mermaid , a bikini and twin hose scuba - porchia looks fabulous underwater using scuba and a lovely bikini - her face looks good in the mask and she always looks amazing underwater , both with and without scuba gear - thanks Tara , all the team and especially mermaid porchia , a sweet cute sexy adorable gorgeous curvy pretty fabulous mermaid


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