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DOUBLE THE FUN! And TWICE the “scubaliciousness” too...what a VERY cool underwater vid! Mr. Scubasmurf is absolutely correct: Mermaid Porchia does indeed look “smokin’ hot” scuba diving with an Aqua Lung Mistral DH, the 21st century reproduction of one of the most classic twin-hose regulators ever designed (and also quite beautiful on its own)!

Lovely Porchia shows us in this clip EXACTLY what the early part of the fabled “bikini scuba” era was like. It’s a more adventurous, sexier dive look which pretty much started to disappear as dive tech changed and “accessories” like diveskins, BCDs, and submersible instrument consoles became standard components of the modern scubagirl’s dive kit.

There does indeed seem to be many of us scubaphiles who find it very alluring to see women diving in DH gear. As we’ve seen before, the “look” of a twin-hose unit seems to somehow project that more exciting aura of “danger and adventure” to the uninitiated, and sometimes even to trained divers as well!

They really don’t make them like this very much anymore (REGULATORS, I mean!), and while there also may have been some great looking women divers in the 60’s, none of them could possibly have looked as thoroughly gorgeous as the modern Mermaid named Porchia!

There’s over 6 and a half minutes of underwater video fun on the screen in this one, and it really seems to go by much quicker than that! Sending us her underwater kisses at 00.40 and 02.34, the playful Porchia demonstrates why she’s one of this website’s sexiest “scuba divas,” looking truly AMAZING in that bikini. And, don’t miss it when she shows us what’s “under the rainbow” at 05.24!

Thanks so much to all at! By shooting such cool “retro” scuba videos as this on a regular basis and making them available online, you do way more than merely tickle scubaphile fancies; you actually help to “keep double-hose alive”--for which you folks really DO deserve high praise from fans of vintage scuba around the world!


Thanks for this video - mermaid porchia is stunning - twin hose scuba - a fabulous bikini and one hot mermaid - hope to see her single hose scuba or snorkel in her colourful bikini - thanks to tara, all the team and the fabulous sexy beautiful mermaid porchia


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