Nobody Does It Better ! ;-) - Member Comments

OF COURSE SHE ROCKS...SHE’S WITH THE “BAND!” Oh, WOW! Hey heavy gear guys everywhere: time to rejoice again! It’s another beautiful photoset featuring seriously gorgeous Mermaid Porchia in a serious business professional scuba mask!

From image 1 (which sort of says “tanned, toned, and ready to rumble”) onward, this set of images really grabs your attention. And, I think someone should call Kirby Morgan Dive Systems in Santa Maria and tell them about image 4, a shot so cool that it really deserves to be their new dive shop poster!

Porchia appears to be SO accustomed to the Kirby Morgan. She’s really “owning” this heavy scuba mask scenario to the point that some of us are starting to suspect that she might actually be doing underwater commercial welding jobs “on the side” when she’s not posing for the cameras. OTOH after all, this is THE mask specifically designed for pro divers who must spend the entire work day in it, so perhaps that’s why such a true Mermaid would appear so “at home” with the KMB mask!

If you’re excited by the notion of a pretty girl diving heavy gear, do not miss this photoset! Mermaid Porchia will show you certain things while she’s beneath the surface in that mask that you just never expect to see from any diver in such a “hat.” And, thank God for zippers on neoprene suits! Nothing is quite so marvelous and amazing as a daring young woman who gets a little “naughty” in commercial dive gear...and like it says above, when it comes to scenarios like this one “nobody does it better” than! Thanks to Mermaids Porchia and Tara for a set of fantastic images that really got my attention, 36 times in a row!


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