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Looking totally like she’s the perfect scubaphile fantasy dreamgirl, Porchia takes out her reg so she can send us all a kiss--and this happens at only 15 seconds into the action! Your immediate impression might well be that this is going to be one great video--and indeed it IS!!! of the most erotic scuba performances to date, a clip that scubaphiles will want to watch again and again!

This gorgeous Mermaid wastes no time getting into action underwater! She starts showing us some moves that look so great on the screen that it’s almost like viewing this in 3D, thanks to the way in which the video focuses on the wonder of her beautiful toplessness! Viewing this clip is quite like watching a video version of a classic PLAYBOY pictorial; but as it turns out it’s even BETTER than those ever were, because it features Porchia, one of the hottest blonde underwater models on this planet, perfectly framed in digital HD instead of glossy magazine print.

Scubaphiles will definitely have many different “fave” parts of this eight-and-a half minute “living dream” of a clip; I particularly liked the underwater spin she does at 02.10, the big kiss she plants on us (or at least our screens) at 03.44, and the way she really shows us that she knows how to use her fins, at 07.25. And to top it off (hee-hee, sorry--just can’t resist that!) we even get another underwater kiss from the stunning scubagirl at 08.28!

“FANbl**dyTASTIC?” Oh yeah, I definitely agree with THAT! Thanks to for another superb underwater video; exactly the kind that this website always knows how to produce so well, “the stuff of scubaphile daydreams!”


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