Porchia Snorkeling in Pink - Member Comments

This is one very beautiful underwater video clip--and it’s not merely that way because the star happens to be Porchia, one of Aquawomen.com’s most stunning young Mermaids and a clear fave of many aquaphiles! Here we have essentially a lovingly close-up, six minute look at one of the most adorable snorkelers you will ever see, showing us the fun of one of the most basic, simple and economical aquatic sports of them all.

The appeal of this clip undeniably also has a lot to do with Mermaid Porchia’s state-of-the art snorkel and mask--and those fins of course! Her gear really does go perfectly with that remarkable swimsuit, for which the Japanese designer seems to have selected from the spectrum the most pleasantly attention-getting shade of pink, ever.

Another reason that this clip is so cool is the way it’s shot from below, which of course allows light to filter down from the surface and add that fantastic dream-like enhancement that Aquawomen.com videos so often do feature. Speaking of which, watch carefully as Porchia somehow actually achieves warp speed underwater briefly at 01.55!

Wow, does that swimsuit really work well here! And, WOW, is that suit very becoming on Mermaid Porchia. Yes indeed, does that swimsuit ever look so great on Porchia! Oh, and have I mentioned how well that swimsuit works for Mermaid Porchia?

Oops, sorry for all that repetition, I seem to be distracted. Guess I’ve somehow suddenly come down with a case of Pink Eye!

Thanks to Aquawomen.com and Porchia for showing us how “pink is the new black” for swimwear, and for giving some much-deserved respect to the sport of snorkeling. And Porchia: if you ever play underwater hockey...just wear THAT suit in competition. The “refs” will allow you to get away with ANYTHING!


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