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What can be better than pantyhose and scuba
thanks x x x


Guess what! Petticoat Pirates (the original film) is out on DVD in the UK on 27th January 2014. Amazon are taking orders now.



Stunning vid and pics, Tara. As an occasional crossdresser, with a scuba fetish, I can appreciate these pics and this vid on so many different levels - both enjoying the fetish aspects of seeing a beautiful woman underwater in such sexy gear, and also wishing it was me dressed like that and floating around - bliss.
Thanks again!


AVAST ME PRETTIES...HERE, THE MERMAIDS BE REAL! A cool underwater video that showcases the “scubaliciousness” of one of the most gorgeous models, diving the classic vintage-style doublehose gear that we saw in her recent photoset. In this clip, the adorable and perfectly “frogwomanly” Porchia swims real-time for us, continuing her on-the-mark impression of a “frog-girl” combat swimmer just about to commandeer a Royal Navy warship in that quintessential British film comedy that scubaphiles of a certain age will fondly remember.

For the first two of the five minutes plus of this video, we get a great view of her beautiful legs in those battle-ready nylons ( they make “mil-spec” pantyhose?), and also a close look at one VERY lethal-looking speargun. At the 02.15 mark she finally puts that great big weapon aside, at which point we all can stop worrying about whether or not the “safety” is engaged! Thankfully, she decides to get a bit playful after that, and by 02.42, she removes her mouthpiece in order to blow a delightful underwater kiss towards our screens! But beware, because by 02.57 we get a reminder that this “frog-girl” is seriously ready for anything and not to be trifled with, as she shows us her very real--and no doubt very sharp—-dive knife. Fortunately, she puts the knife back into its sheath and turns playful again, displaying her lovely scuba moves throughout the rest of the clip, proving once again how incredibly “smokin’ hot” it’s possible to look underwater, even when clad in classic scuba gear

This clip is quite a nice bonus for all of us who loved Porchia’s recent photoset, and a further great treat for fans of classic frogwomen in general. Rarely will one ever get the chance to see any diver, let alone a world-class beauty like Mermaid Porchia, diving doublehose gear in 2014. Seeing the recognition and respect that this site has for such gear is AWESOME! Kudos to all at for their dedication to this! And... we owe a big thanks to Tara for remembering those sweet “aquaphile moments of our lives” from films such as “Petticoat Pirates.”


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