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THE IDEAL RETRO SCUBA MIX--ON THE PERFECT MERMAID! What a great video! Those who love the look of classic scuba girls have just GOT to see this one! Stunning in her neoprene swimsuit, wearing a beautiful flower petal ‘cap, and swimming for us underwater in dive gear--be still my heart!--IT’S ELISE!!! Once again, completely dazzles us mere mortal fans of women in scuba by putting one their best Mermaids into a combination of gear representing different eras that serves to form the kind of idealized image of a beautiful diver that a scubaphile might only ever encounter in a daydream. The overall look really is VERY 1960’s here! IMHO it’s circa-1967 meets 2013 scuba-style, with Elise putting on the kind of performance that only one of the very best 21st-Century underwater models can achieve. Oh YES indeed--this one REALLY does take me back “there” as only this website knows how to do!

The Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper” album came out in the summer of ’67. I was about 10 years old; everyone from the youngest kids to older teens loved the Beatles, and we all listened to their songs every night on that long-forgotten mediumwave broadcast resource, “AM radio.” And listening to that music is one of my more vivid memories of the ‘60’s. And at about the same time, those amazingly cool rubber flower petal swimcaps were in full bloom on the heads of women everywhere there was water--OH, YEAH!!! That’s ALSO something I will never forget about the ‘60’s--the look of those exotic caps on “grownup” lady swimmers!

Elise not only wears a cap like that in this video, but also an oval mask that is a classically beautiful “1960’s style” (no doubt made of a definitely post-60’s hypoallergenic silicone). Younger folks might not realize that for many years MOST dive masks were ovals. As masks evolved, divers’ faces--when geared up--went from looking like “Sea Hunt” more towards the appearance of “The Lone Ranger.” Once scuba professionals discovered the advantages of smaller, lower volume masks, the ovals started to become relatively scarce. No doubt this has caused consternation for u/w photographers and scubaphiles alike, but one of the great things about THIS website is that the beauty of the Mermaids can still be seen clearly through the classic “ovals” so often used here. In recent times, vintage dive gear enthusiasts have made these classic mask designs into real collector’s items on sites such as eBay!

At first glance, her swimcap catches the eye, and we seem to be looking at a scuba girl who has just swum through time from the mid-1960’s to 2013, but--look carefully. Her smaller cylinder and the sleeker modern regulator she uses are the perfect match for the female frame, the kind of kit that women divers in the ‘60’s definitely didn’t have available to them. Back in those days, virtually all scuba gear seemed to be designed to be used by 6-foot tall males, and women divers had to adapt, put up with the discrepancies, and suffer the look that was caused by “the gear wearing them.” Divers in the 60’s didn’t always really look as cool as we think they did, but at least the dive industry eventually caught up with its market and started to design gear that fits women. What the heck, it only took 50 years!

This fantastic 6 minute, 45 second clip opens with our fave Mermaid standing on her fins (also a classic design) on the bottom of the pool, all set to start her show for us. And WHAT a show we get! First she displays to us how well her amazing ‘cap fits under that classic mask; then she takes her regulator out and starts to do her trademark “prestidigitation.” Then, with the reg back in for a short time, she suddenly takes it out again, which is accompanied by a cute little “reg squeal” at 01.30 which I wasn’t able to hear too well over my OWN squeals. There’s much more of that very cute prestidigitation in this clip than ever before, and if you happen to love it as much as I do when Elise does “that thing she does,” you’re going to adore this clip! At 01.42 it really looks a lot like she’s trying to shout “hi!” underwater to all of her fans on the other side of the camera! At 02.30, Elise decides it’s time to inspect “the girls.” At 02.34: WOWWWWWWWWWW!!! At 02.40, she suddenly loses her reg “accidentally on purpose,” and it looks SO amazing the way she does it! The rest of this clip features some mesmerizing underwater swimming and many amazing scuba moves as only Mermaid Elise can do them. But that’s not all! If you happen to be a “leg person,” prepare yourself, you are really going to love what happens. From 03.30 onward, this video becomes quite an underwater showcase of leggy loveliness that you’ll never forget. And in the very best Aquawomen tradition, we all get an underwater “smooch” from one of the world’s most beautiful underwater models at the finish.

Despite the minor lighting issues, this is a very memorable scuba video. Thanks,! It’s simply AMAZING how well you always “rock” the vintage gear scenarios, and having a model like Elise playing the classic scuba girl never fails to amaze us!


Thankyou for this video , I can get mp4 and think this video is absolutely stunning , Elise always looks good in your photo galleries , but even more stunning in video - adore the mermaid , love the swimsuit and Elise is amazing underwater , thanks to Elise , Tara and all the team for this amazing piece of film


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