WOW, Mermaids Porchia & Tara...if only you girls knew exactly what photos as fantastic as these do to our scubaphile brains! On second thought, you obviously both DO know already, as the incredible “track record” of superb quality underwater images from this website has shown us so many times. And to Mermaid Tara: not only has my gast been so thoroughly flabbered by now, but my gob has also been smacked beyond recognition, and now my ox seems to be acting like it’s been flummed! (Note to anyone trying to learn English as a second language who might have stumbled onto this page and just read this paragraph: sorry!)

Porchia has the absolute perfect looks and shape that match up so well with her classic scuba kit. The jacket, mask and Cressi regulator all go together in a kind of “basic black” milieu, which along with those “too cool for school” fins give her a serious-but-sporty look that’s guaranteed to totally melt a scubaphile’s heart. And if that doesn’t happen, it’s her carefree, playful ‘tude (such as can be seen in image 13) that should do the job!

So, here we’re treated to more lovely underwater images of the same scubalicious “girl and the water” that amazed us in that first part photoset last November! THANKS to Mermaids Tara and Porchia for presenting us with this very sexy collection of underwater shots--more of the photographic perfection that has always been Aquawomen.com’s trademark!


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