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Cheers Subby my great aquaphile friend!!! And bro engineer as I recall? Please check my previous link! Could nothing express our beautious Mermaid Porchia more "P"recisely?


THANK YOU for your JOY and patience, Mermaids Tara and Porchia!!!

So sorry to be gone for so long. As long and difficult as life can be, men shall gaze to the sea with wonder. Knowing that Mermaids exist!


Beauteous Mermaid P Test Link

Ttime :-) :-)

Subby my friend! So sorry to leave you "holding down the fort" on thoughts here at Aquawomen without aquaphile dialog, the PREMIER aquafile site in the world! (Once, always, ever shall be).

As the years pass you might recall my "pickies" about things, but Whao what a set here!

I'm not a real diver yet, but aerospace retirement approaches in a couple of years and perhaps diving and such takes over!

Great to read you again and hope all is well with you my friend! Your expertise is UNMATCHED!

...Regarding Mermaid Porchia in this Spretton, she is too!

Shall I try to add music here, my dearest Mermaids and friend Subby? Careful what we ask for?

I shall give a run. Courage!

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Ttime :-) :-)

Wow! Ttime: you really “ain’t kiddin’” about image 18! Suddenly, I cannot stop looking at it! When you take Mermaid Porchia’s stance into account together with that glare in those stunning eyes, it almost seems as if she should have been wearing a pair of spike-heel boots and carrying a riding crop in that shot! Could it have possibly been a rehearsal for a “scuba dominatrix” photoset? It really does have a definite tinge of BDSM to it! And, I’m NOT referring to broad-spectrum dynamic matching here!


...Pic 18!!!!!


Smiles Tommies!


UMBILI-COOL PORCHIA! She’s ALWAYS a breathtaking vision whenever we see her in black neoprene, and in this very sexy scenario the lovely Mermaid P is “snug as a bug” in her Spetton smoothskin suit, while weightless underwater without fins, connected to the surface with air hose. These shots sort of suggest the image of the sexiest woman astronaut/cosmonaut we could ever conjure, just like a young lady space mission specialist who happens to be doing her pre-flight “zero-G” training in the Aquawomen.com pool!

There is something that makes this set extra thrilling. Not only is Mermaid Porchia diving with a very classic Dacor regulator, top-of-the-line modern mask, and “serious-business” wetsuit here, but as many of us love to see from time to time, she is also without the encumbrance of a scuba cylinder, a side benefit that surface-air-supply diving affords the shapely Mermaid. Rarely in the real world does one ever get to witness a style of diving like this; it’s something normally reserved for professionals such as, say, aquarium divers. It has never looked quite so sexy as it does right here in this photoset! Porchia ROCKS, and she’s welcome to drop by and feed my fish anytime she’d like! OTOH, my aquarium is only about 151 liters (40 gallons) and there’s already a little-bitty porcelain diver occupying it.

My fave in this photoset is image 13, a close-up every bit as dramatic as it is stunning. Then there are some SUPERB pictures such as images 25 and 39 that really serve to celebrate her “leggy loveliness,” something that will make you so very glad that she’s wearing her wetsuit jacket without the pants!

THANKS, Mermaids P and T! With this photoset, you’ve made my weekend; you’ve made me want to go watch the NASA Channel...you’ve made me want to go feed my fish...


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