Smooth, Shiny and So, So Sexy ! - Member Comments

I’m definitely one who REALLY loved Mermaid Porchia’s previous photoset diving on surface-supplied air (or “static hookah” as some of the commercial dive pros might call it); seeing these additional images from that shoot is quite the thrill! Just as before, not needing to wear a scuba cylinder in this case adds so much to this set, allowing the lovely underwater model to swim and pose decidedly more “mermaid-ish” while still on a regulator.

The way that her sleek and stunning Spetton freediving wetsuit continues to beautifully complement Porchia’s “purr-fect“ shape isn’t just only the stuff of scubaphile fantasies. Indeed, I’d even venture to say that to the fans of “Gotham City’s” most famous vigilante crimefighter (attention Mr. Ttime!), Porchia gives off the kind of vibes together with a certain feline look that definitely conjure up images of a “Selina Kyle” who is somehow suddenly now a threat to Gotham’s waterways!

Once again with this set, there’s perfect evidence of the finesse that always produces underwater images so much more fun, sexier, and sharper than any of the others! BRAVO...and thanks once again to Mermaids Tara and Porchia!


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