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With practically every scuba clip Aquawomen.com have ever produced featuring the lovely Mermaid Elise (especially the one called “Fantasy Scuba Instructor” from back in ‘09) it’s obvious that she does indeed possess a certain “something extra” in her underwater performances. It turns out, as the saying goes, the French do have a word for it: the word is “élan.” Believe me, that style--that enthusiasm--is definitely on display in this one, “big time.” If you are a scubaphile, viewing this vid will send your heart racing!

In one VERY stunning wetsuit, along with the ideal kit to compliment a shapely and attractive young woman diver--right down to her fins--Elise puts on a brisk and lively show, highlighted by THE basic scuba skill, the mask flooding and clearing exercise. Only Elise seems to perform it so well that she can make it look even more fun to do than it really is!

Since this is a video, we do get to view her posing and underwater swimming in her gear from some rather interesting angles. What’s more, this clip is nearly eight and a quarter minutes of intense “scubaliciousness in motion” and it’s really true: Elise does seem to be able to do without her very cool Cressi regulator for an inordinate amount of the time.

Lucky for Elise, the gills which many of us are totally convinced she must have--somewhere--do seem to be somehow cleverly concealed by her beautiful hair as it floats free in a purple-tinged blonde cloud. Her secret is safe for now, but we still think she’s GOT to be a REAL Mermaid! Hmmm...perhaps those gills are hidden under her suit’s collar, like they were with Zale Parry in that “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” episode?

Thanks to all at Aquawomen.com for this clip; it sure is “rocketing to the top” of my own list of all-time scuba video faves!


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