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...VERY interesting!

Ttime ;-)

"...My heart wants to die..."

Well, not quite YET. Getting the technical details worke dout again.

Cheers Subby my friend and BEAUTEOUS Mermaids!



...Oops. Conversion.


...Pic 26!!!!!


Ttime :-O :-O :-O

WOOHOO! Success! Modest though it may be...

Cheers subby and AQ Mermaids for your indulgence!

As I experiment with my lost "technical" skills, I gaze longly and joyously to the sea, never forgetting the beauty that lies beneath!


Ttime :-O :-O :-O

Oh Boy subby. OhBOYOhBOYOhBOYOhBoy!

I REALISE how Spectacular Mermaid Elise is!

Elise test link


This stunner of an underwater photoset presents Elise looking EXACTLY how a film or TV producer (or ad agency director) might visualize it when working from a script or a storyboard that specifies a “fantastically beautiful young woman scuba diver.” The mix of newer and not-so-new gear here makes for the ultimate idealized image of what a breathtakingly pretty scubagirl should look like!

The regulator Elise is using in this set looks to me like a Palantic, which is the “house brand” at Scuba Choice; their AS-series regs seem to be mega-popular at dive schools all over California and also are frequently seen in contemporary U.S. television and film productions. In addition to having a pretty good reputation, I guess they do happen to look EXACTLY the way a scuba regulator is “supposed” to look in the eyes of prop department directors.

My apologies for geeking out in the above paragraph concerning what must seem like such a “generic-looking” piece of gear to most aquaphiles--but’s vast array of regulators really seems to be virtually unlimited!

Anyway, I suppose that the scubaphiles who love this website are sure to rave about this photoset the most, but...all fans of Elise are going to love to see what she does with her “famous” hair in many of these shots, such as image 23. Thank God for zero gravity and the color purple!

Thanks,, for yet another SUPERB effort from Mermaids Elise and Tara; surely two of the most talented and brilliant young women to ever work underwater! Really, the results that you ladies routinely produce in photosets such as this one are simply mind-boggling, the very best of their kind, and always SO BEAUTIFUL!


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