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Hi Guys, Because I care greatly about the quality of everything that we bring you, I have to confess that this clip was originally destined for the cutting room floor...


:-O O-::-OO-::-OO-:

Yes. I finally got to see this little gem (insanely busy lately), and there is NOTHING rough about it! (Or Kiki! Mmmmmm. Smooth… :-O)

This is a perfectly bubbliciously BEAUTIFUL video, Mermaids Ki and T!!!!!!! Perhaps your experiment didn’t turn out quite as you hoped, but it’s still TOO. GOOD GREAT. TO. WASTE!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely right, subby. Every so often Mermaid T laments that a certain gallery or video might not be “up to snuff,” yet it still far exceeds the quality & enjoyment factor of many other products out in the market! Aquawomen is THAT good. In fact, I am always a little fearful that there could be MUCH in Mermaid T’s “cutting room” that would be “T”antalizingly “T”hrilling and has yet to see the light of day. (Don’t be so harsh with yourself, Mermaid T! :-)

In fact, I’d say this video went swimmingly well! :-D :-D :-D Sorry. I’ve said this a gazillion times before. I’ll say it a gazillion times again. THIS is what video was invented for! There is NOTHING like watching a gorgeous woman swim underwater. You just can’t achieve this above the surface, or even in zero-G . Sure. Kate’s a beautiful girl. She’s floating around. And scantily clad! (:-O) Very cool, but it’s just not the same. No. It lacks… well… fluidity. LOL! Besides the obvious, of course, I mean fluidity and control of her movement. Probably due to water’s higher density than air. She gets more “traction” underwater. I’m guessing.

And speaking of control, then there’s the whole breath control aspect of her swimming underwater too. Which so many of us aquaphiles find strangely t-t-t-t-titillating. Kinky, I know. But it is what it is. But part of this is that we certainly appreciate her fitness!

No offense to the scuba fans, but she is certainly more graceful without that “klunky” gear on her. Though I know you have a thing for gear & such as I do for breathholding & b-b-b-b-BUBBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…Though last, and certainly NOT LEAST, is Mermaid Kiki’s talent! POETRY IN MOTION! She’s got the moves! That’s her thing, isn’t it? She’s VERY good at this!

Recalling her stills gallery, this suit “suits” her especially well! Sounds as if she likes it, Mermaid T, from your previous comments. Can she have it? Can she? Can she? CAN SHE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Pleez? Pretty pleez? You can deduct it from my dues. C’mon, she’s earned it! :-)

Wow. This is a great video. Really! I even like the effect how her lipstick transitions from purple to red when she swims up to the light! That’s kinda cool, actually.

Yes. We like to watch you “just swimming around!” Indeed we do.


Ttime :-)

IIRC, it was the one and only Ttime who once postulated that standards are SO high on this website that any material failing to make their final cut is still likely to be much better than the best work of the “other” photographers out there on the 'net who attempt to cater to aquaphiles. I think THIS clip pretty much does prove it!

Mermaid Kiki puts in one fantastic underwater swimming performance in that remarkable suit we saw her wearing in the “Swimming Free in just a Monokini Part 1” photoset a while back, and you can be sure that we’re completely okay with the quality of this particular clip--it definitely looks like a “keeper” to me! Glad to see this video saved from the “cutting room floor;” I’m certain that many of us are looking forward to seeing the gorgeous Kiki underwater in that swimsuit once again in the future “Part 2” of the stills!


Amazing smile at 6:01. What a beauty. Her Monokini swimsuit reminds me of the American string swimsuit-1 yank and its off. ;-)

Thanks Team for an amazeball swimming sensation.


Oh yeah, LOVE it! Thanks for the glamour-motion from my fave mermaid, awesome bubbliness too.


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