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Sure, Elise is quite good. But, by my count, this is the fourth Elise-video in a row. Are all the other girls on vacation, or? What I am saying is: Show us what else You have in the arsenal.


OVERALL, A BREATHTAKING UNDERWATER VIDEO! Scuba fans, prepare yourselves! This clip will convince you that Mermaid Elise--when she's dressed in sexy black neoprene and playfully showing off her scuba skills--simply will not be topped! Elise, the blonde “knockout” siren who is one of this website’s most accomplished underwater models (and, a young woman whose name scubaphiles everywhere probably mumble while asleep), puts on another very memorable performance for us here: 5 minutes and 54 seconds of sexy moves that demonstrate why she continues to be the “fave” underwater fantasy dreamgirl of so many fans of Aquawomen.com. The video gives us a “real time” look at the same kind of erotic and electrifying underwater fun of her freediving wetsuit photoset that appeared last month; if you liked that one, you’ll LOVE this clip.

The video opens in the classic Aquawomen.com style, panning down the air hose and bubble trail to the sight of the beautiful scubamaid waiting for us on the bottom. Elise then promptly removes her regulator to show off her smiling “prestidigitating” to us, a maneuver that is obviously calculated to drive her fans absolutely wild–- and DOES IT EVER! She then wastes little time showing us exactly how that suit, er...oh, baby! Let’s just say “...definitely enhances her assets!” What it looks like she’s doing at 00:42 is probably not really what we think it is, but feel free to pass out when you view it anyway! Gorgeous moves follow that, and also some great closeup views that demonstrate just how well that suit fits her.

At 01:48, a playfully sexy erotic sequence starts with some re-adjustments of the shoulder straps on her wetsuit, one of the most amazing things I have seen in a while... er, wait, TWO of the most amazing things... well, you know what I mean? After that, it’s a demonstration of lots more weightless fun; those beautiful “trademark Elise” underwater moves, with a style we have come to love, continue on right throughout the length of this clip. The finish is highlighted by her underwater “bye-bye” kiss at 05:38, and then a somersault at the very end when she swims up to the surface, where it is only rumored that she lives (fans of Elise tend to believe that she’s actually a sea creature who merely graces them with occasional visits to our quaint dry-land world!) It’s another totally “plEliseing” performance. This is a scuba video that I can’t stop watching. Thank goodness it’s a long weekend!

BTW, if anyone out there does indeed have that aforementioned problem of uttering Elise’s name while asleep, I have some advice. Just buy a goldfish, and name it “Elise.” That way, you’ll have automatic “plausible deniability” just in case you run into that uncomfortable situation of getting confronted in the morning by someone close to you demanding to know why you called out that name during the night!


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