Mermaid in a Bathing Cap ! - Member Comments

WOW unbelievable!
What a beautiful girl, unbelievable picture quality and a really great bathing cap. I just love those puffy cheeks and all those bubbles to.
**Thank you very much once more**



well you did it agian!, WOW!, I love it all, that cute pink swimcap, those sexy eyes, and the puffy cheeks, hummmmm, I'll be spending a lot of time looking at those pictures, I hope to see more of her breathholding and bubbles!.


Sweet! Love all the bubbles, thank you for *another* amazing set.


Muy perfecto!!! Just what the doctor ordered (or at least greatly hoped for): a chance to wax rhapsodic over on the board, a new entry for the RB Top 40 (Top 10), and another opportunity to gaze at Lizzy at her finest!! A video, por favor!


Great set! LOVE the puffy cheeks!!


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