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Funny you should say that Scott ? ;-)
You never quite know what to expect here ????????

With or without "sexy fins " ;-)



Could make videos of girls fighting underwater videos with black fins and mask super sexy


Oh My Goodness Gracious me Tara !!!!!!
What an absolutely amazing video !
I have to echo subby's very accurate opinion in that there is no-one else at all, on the web, who can consistently produce the content and the fantastic quality of this kind of material, as aquawomen can !
He is also so right when he says that the others all look like home movies!
For me, this is one of your finest to date.
Your own words are also so true. These girls are totally Unique!

Thanks so much and long may you continue!


SWEET MERCIFUL SASSY MOLASSES! Oh rapidly increasing heart rate! For anyone who adores beautiful scuba-clad Mermaids who they’d like to see getting into sexy mischief underwater, this is a clip that will never be forgotten, because this one is pure “scubaphile gold!”

Honestly, this is one of the very HOTTEST “two girl scuba” underwater scenarios to be produced by this website...ever! That’s especially significant because the folks at have a stellar “track record” of releasing so many great “two-girl scuba” video clips, featuring production values that have increased in quality steadily and now seem to be so good that anything remotely similar one might find on the various aquaphile sites across the ‘net tends to look like old “home videos” in comparison.

Scubaphiles just cannot go wrong with this clip! Mermaids Kiki and Elise, two of the most spectacular Aquawomen, are AMAZING together as dive buddies. Wearing swimsuits that are “barely there” but still dazzling, they’re both beautifully kitted up in classic scuba kit. Submerged for the entire clip, they spend most of their dive getting very friendly and quite “up close and personal” with each other; and they do it quite stunningly, in ways that can only be described as “tactically tactile!”

Buddy breathing never has looked so hot! And that’s just one of the aspects of this amazing underwater performance for scuba fans, a “show” that plays out over seven minutes and ten seconds. Much of the appeal of this clip goes beyond the fact that both Mermaids are so wonderfully fit and gorgeous. It’s their MOVES that really make a difference here, with both young ladies looking absolutely confident and totally at home underwater while happily playing with each other in dive gear. We are treated to one lovingly splendid clip of just over seven minutes and ten seconds of total scubaliciousness.

Golly, whatever was it that made Mermaid Tara suspect that I’d like this one? Seriously, I really do LOVE this one! I can’t stop watching it over and over again! A totally cool vid--certain to warm scubaphile hearts everywhere. I have SO many “fave” moments from this video, especially when the buddy breathing and strap grabbing takes place! And then, there are moments such as 0.45, when Elise does her best “bitey scuba kitten” impression; 01:18, where the girls go “mask-to-mask” in the cutest possible way; 02:00 where they put on a perfect display of the “zero-g” fun that only scuba diving or space travel can make possible; 02:25 when they both take their regs out "just for fun," and also that lovely full minute at 05:30 where Elise takes off her mask (you’re so right, Ttime--THAT was a pretty cool minute!)

THANK YOU, Aquawomen! It’s astounding how much you ALWAYS excel whenever you do one these kinds of clips, proving once more how this website totally ROCKS!



HighhighHIGH there, Girls!

Oh, yes! This is EXACTLY the kind of thing that Ttimes LOVE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Scuba gear notwithstanding… THIS Ttime! ;-)

No. Really. And thanks especiElise to Mermaid E at ~5:30-6:30 for humouring me (as resident “Gear Grouch!” ;-P)


Ttime :-O :-O

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