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…oh yes…

Oh. Sorry ‘bout that! You see, Mermaid Kiki has this certain effect on me! BANG!!!!! ZOOOOOOOOOOOOM…!!!!!!!

(27 seconds of ecstasy! Yes! Really! Timer display in the lower left corner as proof! ;-P)

As you can see, “K”harismatic Kiki™ inspires me to get up quite briskly! But we birds of a certain…er, “vintage” are not known for our endurance. So alas, after attaining the utmost heights of pleasure, all too quickly we must head down Earthwards again… :-(

(No. I’m referring to specific fuel consumption of early turbojet engines. What did you think I was referring to…? :-)

Oh. And note the “dayglo” orange trim on my nose, wingtips, and tail? Henceforth to be known as “Kiki Khromatic Orange!” Yes! Really! I can do that, don’tcha know! It’s my job. Except that the Faceless and Humourless Authorities (International Paint Standards Division) aren’t at all happy about this. No. ‘Cuz now they have to go back and change ALL the documentation! (Ouch. That’s gonna take some time & budget…)

But I digress… “Dynamite” video, Mermaids K and T!!!!! ;-) Mermaid Kiki is most certainly a superb (and smiling!) swimmer! Her underwater "T"i... “T”assles “T”hrill me to no end, of course. About as much as… BUBBLES!!!!!! I LOVE BUBBLES!!!! Oh. Right. We already know this…

Perfection, Mermaids K and T!!!! PISCINE. PERFECTION! THANK YOU FOR YOU!!!!!!!!! :-D :-D

P.S.- For the curious (No. I said “curious,” not curious…), my pic is a deHavilland Vampire T.35 jet trainer. DISCLAIMER: No. I’m not old enough to have actually flown one. I just fly the “cartoon” (simulation) version. Direct 20-knot crosswind! Pretty good runway track, eh? ;-)

P.S.S.- “Watermanship???” Is that a word? It is now! I dunno subby, I might be led to think that you’re an engineer or something… ;-)

Ttime :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O

KIKI QUICKLY PROVES SHE'S AN AQUAWOMAN! Seven rapturous minutes, one beautiful swim video! Mermaid Kiki gives us a thoroughly energetic and riveting underwater demonstration of her “watermanship skills” and also a very nice look at a couple of other good points in her favor. I gather that this must be exactly what the basic skills test to become an model looks like. And believe me, there's no doubt that Kiki passed the test with flying colors. We already knew that she's gorgeous, and now here we have definitive proof that she's truly a “natural” who is completely at home in the water. Ladies and gentlemen, let's just admit it--none of the women that we actually see on this website are merely human—they're all REAL mermaids, and this is just further evidence of it. It's the only logical way to explain the level of talent we see in this video clip!


Wow - made my day, thank you! Hair, tassels, beautiful mermaid...all underwater. Very, very nice.


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