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Got it Scuba Friends.

My Beach Boys (mono) collecton, Mono on purpose. She’s soooo right:

Do Ya Wanna Dance?

Maybe I wanna hold your hand and Getcha Back?

In Kokomo..?


Ttime :-)


Ttime (Te amo!)

“...Over to you subby !...” OVER TO ME? Tara, I hope you’ll forgive me if I tend to use way too many “all caps comments” here, but after viewing this, I personally have gone completely OVER THE MOON right now, and I’m practically speechless at all the awesome vintage scuba fun I’ve just witnessed in this video. This clip will totally AMAZE not only everyone who fondly remembers “Sea Hunt,” but even some aquaphiles who are too young to have watched the series!

"...WHAT SHE NEEDED WAS A GOOD SPANKING, BUT I DIDN’T HAVE TIME TO GIVE IT TO HER...” Believe it or not, that is an actual quote from iconic diver “Mike Nelson” as played by Lloyd Bridges in an episode of “Sea Hunt.” No need for me to get into the context of it right now (it’s one called “The Stunt” with actress Lisa Gaye playing a “femme fatale” diver in the topside scenes, with legendary scuba pioneer Zale Parry doubling for her underwater, and like all the episodes of that series, you can find it on YouTube). THAT particular quote probably caused many young scubaphiles’ mouths to drop to the floor when the saw the show, like me, in daily re-runs in the mid-to-late 1960's.

THIS seven-and-a-half minute clip, I promise you, will also have a VERY similar effect on scubaphiles everywhere in 2014. Kiki must indeed love “retro,” because she is just so LETTER PERFECT playing a “Sea Hunt Girl” in this video. Her performance here is made all the more amazing because TV shows that featured women divers looking exactly this way (not only “Sea Hunt,” but also its lesser-known “sister” series “The Aquanauts” from the same production team) ended almost three decades before she was even born, way back in that era of black & white television! With the amazing attention to detail that we’ve come to LOVE on this site, Mermaid Kiki is transformed into the perfect re-creation of a beautiful young lady who could easily have been any one of “Mike’s” female dive buddies.

Those who do remember the 1960-era SH episodes will be impressed by how accurately Mermaid Kiki’s vintage swimsuit, ‘cap, oval mask, and fins all perfectly “nail” the look of that era. And, all those who love to see that very sexy underwater athleticism that so often showcases will just adore watching her “dolphin” and her other energetic underwater moves in this video. “Baby-boomer” generation members who got interested in scuba in the 60’s and 70’s will suddenly remember exactly what it was that REALLY made them want to get scuba-certified! And those annoying nitpickers like “subby” will also probably watch this clip about twenty times and point out that Kiki’s SPG is leaking air (sorry, can’t help it...yeah...I’m a dive geek)!

Seriously though--THANKS, Aquawomen, for showing scubaphiles the way we’d like to remember the “Sea Hunt” era was, even if it was never quite anything close to as cool as THIS! Mermaid Kiki is truly a perfectly “scubalicious” vision in vintage gear, and THIS is among the very BEST vintage scuba video homages ever done by this website!


Thanks for this video - Kiki is one hot sexy scuba babe - thanks to Kiki , Tara and all the team


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