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Always was a big Kiki fan, but I think the thumbnail for this video is very deceptive. When looking at it I thought she was swimming without scuba equipment or a mask, but after downloading it was the complete opposite. The description doesn't provide much detail either. Can we avoid this in the future? I know I'm years too late but never late than never.


I will be quite honest and say I'm a huge fan of Kiki, but I wish that the vid was like the photos and that she was natural with no scuba equipment or masks. I know that others out there prefer it the way it is, but thats my personal opinion. The main image is a little deceptive....minor grip lol


…And I’ve been remiss in all of this not to have said this(specifically) all along:

WELCOME BACK Mermaid Kiki!


(OK. No doubt you weren’t born yet. And it’s not “dynamite.” But it’s a cool song! :-)

Ttime :-)

SHINY PERFECT! Exactly one year ago this website gave us our first underwater video look at Mermaid Kiki’s beautifully energetic swimming skills. That clip was a unforgettable introduction to a young underwater model’s highly kinetic style in the water, but just wait ‘til you see the lovely young Kiki swimming in THIS one! What a suit she’s wearing here, and once again, what a great Mermaid she proves to be!

A 21st-Century vision in her rubbery suit and swim goggles, her outfit creates the kind of amazing effect that high-tech fabrics often are able to do, making the wearer look even faster in the water than she actually is! Kiki gives us another gorgeous “high-octane” underwater performance here, so exciting that some of us might feel exhausted after viewing it! Yikes--I’m suddenly making automobile analogies about a beautiful Mermaid’s display of swim skills; that’s positive proof that she revs ME up, anyway!

I’d say that this clip is so beautiful that it appears divinely inspired, but remarks like that always seem to get me into trouble.

A bonus for all of you aquaphiles out there who might also be videophiles: check out that awesome “wipe” at 06.19! I think that whoever did post-production on this clip at must be moonlighting from a day job at a “VFX house” like Framestore, ILM/Disney, or Double Negative. I’m not kidding, THAT special effect looked so absolutely “seamless” and so perfectly amazing in this video that someone ought to get an award for it!

And...that swimsuit is a “cult” thing? Wow--I’m not familiar with Realise swimwear and I had no idea, but if THAT’s the case, then I think I’m turning Japanese...I really think so!

Thanks, Mermaids--this clip is just over seven minutes of PURE AQUAPHILE HEAVEN!


Would love to see any mermaid scuba or snorkel in this swimsuit please


Thank you guys,

She does look stunning doesn't she. We also have lots of still pictures to accompany this video too !

I'm sure she would 'mono', but we will be having Hayley, Elise and Porchia here for underwater shoots prior to Kiki coming next time, would you be happy with either of those wearing this for you ? Or would you prefer to wait for Kiki, please be assured she will certainly be back to us again sometime soon ?


we could even ask her to try out a black mono fin too, for some of the shots, if you might like that also ? ;-)


Wow. Stunning stuff :-) really stunning.... I do love the way she plays with the water :-)
In the purely, purely speculative sense, would she be happy with the same suit, black cap, goggles and noseclip ? :-)
Thanks again,
Your resident Monofin.


…And I “Realise” that I am kompletely krazy for Mermaid Kiki!!!

(Though I… ummmmm… kind of already realized this. But I don’t think I’ve “Realised” it quite like THIS before! ;-)

Ttime :-) :-)

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