Who Remembers This Scuba Mask ? - Member Comments

“Up close and personal” in truly classic scuba with the adorable Mermaid Kiki! Really--watching this, you’ll feel as if you’re practically on a buddy dive with her! For scubaphiles, this is like having a wide-awake dream! But instead of a dream, you get well over six and a half minutes of beautiful scubagirl video fun, and it’s done in the kind of intimate style in which Aquawomen.com always excels.

Kiki’s gear in this clip is absolutely perfect, and her deluxe wetsuit jacket looks magnificent on her. It seems like a perfect fit--and unlike so many of the modern neoprene divesuits these days, it’s a plush “old school” heavier beavertail type that makes ME toasty just watching her dive in it!

And then there’s her Nemrod mask! Those Max Vues came from Spain, were expensive, but promised to revolutionize diving. They were all over the place in the ‘70’s and inspired a number of imitators, even by domestic U.S. dive gear makers such as U.S. Divers and Dacor. And, for divers with smaller faces that found them too large to comfortably handle, there was also another dive mask that Nemrod came out with called the “Denia;” somewhat similar--but with smaller volume, slightly less of a “widescreen view” and a rubber nose well equalizer instead of that metal contraption on the Max Vue:

Well, enough of my “geeking out over gear” for now. I better go now--I do need to go watch this video again; and again...and again...


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