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”...and then there was the hilarious moment when she went back underwater, forgetting her mask was on her forehead...I'm glad we chose to include it now and y'all obviously forgive us for the poor sound - it really was too much fun to leave out, wasn't it ?”

Tara, that part was absolutely ADORABLE!!! Personally, I’m SO glad you kept it in the video! It’s a really precious moment that serves to remind everyone that a perfect fantasy Mermaid model we dream about is only human like the rest of us! My guess is that she had been intently concentrating on delivering her scripted lines properly, and then relieved after accomplishing that, she puts her mouthpiece in, waves to us, and submerges--forgetting about that “somewhat” important piece of gear that was still on the top of her hood!

I just loved the way that it was “fixed in post” when we next see her underwater, a split second following the “magical” edit which somehow puts her mask back into proper place!

And don’t fret about the audio quality--it may not get you the BAFTA Award for Best Sound, but it was acceptable. After all, even a “tin ear” like myself could understand what Kiki said and was totally charmed by her accent (yeah, yeah, I know, it’s really us Yanks that have the damn accent...)! The opening of the video just sounded exactly as if she’s speaking to us from the surface of an indoor pool (which is of course, where she was) and gave it sort of the quality of a “you are there/Aquawomen behind the scenes” kind of thing.


So right subby! Hello Kiki! You are sooooooooooo CUTE! Can I say that? Violating Maxims of Manhood, perhaps? WHAT. THE. HECK! You're worth breaking a few rules, I'll say!

OF COURSE I enjoy watching you! And hearing you, too!

...In fact, I like hearing you speak underwater too! If you like! I know. That's kind of kinky, huh? Can't explain. Must be a breath control thing, that's always a turn-on for aquaphile guys like me (ARE there other aquaphile guys quite like me...?).

But no matter! Happy all the same to hear from you above the surface!

Ttime :-)

Thank you soooooo much guys !

You know what ? I meant to put an 'apology' in the notes for the sound quality in Kiki's opening piece. It was just an afterthought at the end, but then we couldn't 'mike' her separately and there was such a lot of background fan noise that it kinda spoiled things …….. and then there was the hilarious moment when she went back underwater, forgetting her mask was on her forehead ! We cut away from her face when she came up and all of the laughter that followed from such an unkind crew ! ;-)

I'm glad we chose to include it now and y'all obviously forgive us for the poor sound - it really was too much fun to leave out, wasn't it ?



What a fantastic video! and the introduction topside by Kiki is so sexy!! I'd love to see more videos start like this.
The classic oval mask is a favourite of mine.
Awesome mermaid,Awesome video!!!


SENSATIONAL...COMPELLING...UTTERLY BEAUTIFUL...AWESOME... Might as well admit it; Mermaid Kiki will be worshiped by scubaphiles around the world tonight, as have ABSOLUTELY done it again, without question! This very cool video clip perfectly showcases the scubadorable Mermaid Kiki in her turn at the role of the black-clad Spectre Frogwoman, a beautiful-but-deadly underwater fantasy character who we’ve seen other Aquawomen portray in the past--but perhaps never quite as stunningly sharp as in THIS one!

Fans of Kiki: DO NOT MISS THIS CLIP! She even SPEAKS to us topside while in her full gear at the surface, a sequence that I found SO enchanting that I nearly passed out; this lovely young lady really does have that “intoxicating” an effect on a guy! She’s more powerful than a whole case of tequila, and way cuter, too (...and yes, she does possess the voice of an angel to match her looks)!

My God, I sound just like I’m BAKED tonight, don’t I? Well really, I’m not (yet)! It’s this video clip, I tell ya...this is sheer classic scubaphile fantasy come to life, and it’s SO COOL!!!

Anyway, after greeting us verbally at the surface, Kiki submerges to allow what perhaps may well be the best-ever underwater video close-up views of exactly the kind of look that legendary author Ian Fleming had in mind when he envisioned “Domino” in her scuba sequences in “Thunderball,” the James Bond adventure most fondly remembered by aquaphiles.

It turns out that the “Thunderball” film producers decided to “soften” Domino’s image quite a bit for their adaptation, changing the novel’s storyline somewhat and putting her in a bikini for a scene with 007 where they both meet underwater wearing the very latest Voit scuba gear of 1965 (the film producers had had a “product placement” deal!) instead of the “frogwoman in Spectre black” look that Fleming had specified for her.

That black-clad frogwoman “look” that was written out of the 007 film was already well-established in other espionage novels and would instead eventually show up in other spy films, and episodes of television programs such as “The Iowa-Scuba Affair” on “Man from U.N.C.L.E.”--and of course on, who seem to understand it even better than most film producers, and have presented it more stunningly than ever, right here.

Simply put, this video is six minutes and twenty-two seconds of SCUBAPHILE HEAVEN, beautifully shot and perfectly edited. Wetsuit fans will adore it, and anyone who loves classic gear is in for a real treat, because every piece of dive kit on this amazing Mermaid is classically awesome! If there is such a thing as “Best Fantasy Frogwoman Video Award,” Mermaid Kiki’s latest performance in scuba gets my vote tonight!

Thanks SO much to everyone at for producing this vid! I know I did make some “wardrobe” suggestions for a scuba shoot recently, but I seriously could not ever dream anything as great as this one turned out to be in reality! You folks continue to astound all of us scubaphiles, the way that only the best underwater fantasy website on the planet does it!


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