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Aquawoman Kiki shows off her athleticsm underwater where I score her a full 10.

The back flips at 4:30 is absolutely awesum and how she manages to keep it all together is unbelievable considering her vast array of body moves that only Kiki can perform.

I really enjoyed her every turn and stretch, pose and poise.

Thank you Ladies....u r all so special xxx


GIRL, WE COULDN’T GET MUCH HIGHER! A truly great underwater video performance from Mermaid Kiki that will send scubaphile pulses racing! Once again she plays the part of the totally “scubadorable” diver wearing that sexy Cressi neoprene swimsuit that definitely “lights the fire” in so many of us! Her dive kit is classic U.S. Divers’ single-hose; what’s more: she happens to be wearing an oval dive mask that goes together so perfectly with it and her fins that the overall effect may trigger “70’s flashbacks” in those of us fans who love and appreciate the gear from that era.

In fact, Kiki’s beautiful regulator looks like a USD Aqualung Aquarius from the mid-70’s. Judging by the condition it appears to be in, either has one of the best and brightest scuba gear techs to be found anywhere (the kind of mechanical genius who can make classic vintage gear work and look as new as it does here), or Mermaid Tara has discovered some kind of a stable temporal/spatial wormhole running directly from a 1970’s California dive shop straight to the U.K. in the year 2015!

But this video is so much more than just a good look at classic scuba gear in operation. Kiki really shows off her “dancer” side in this clip, constantly in motion and barely slowing down, and even does an underwater somersault for us! We also get treated to some fantastic angles and views of her lovely legs and arms. And then there are her nails, a deep and alluring shade of red that you rarely can ever detect underwater (except in videos, which are so perfectly lit!) that could easily drive guys wild above OR below the surface! Kiki even takes her regulator mouthpiece out more than ever this time around, thrilling us with her lovely underwater smile; she even takes the opportunity to send us some kisses!

It’s amazing how fast this video seems to go by--and yet it IS indeed a full six minutes underwater with one of the most exciting young scubagirls anywhere on the planet! I guess it’s true what they say about time "flying" when you’re having fun! THANKS to the great folks at for producing yet another fantastic scuba clip that totally rocks!


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