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Feel better Mermaid T!

Ttime :-)

SULTRY DOUBLE-HOSE SCUBA DANCE IN THE DEEP! That’s really the best way to describe Mermaid Kiki’s latest video performance! Take it from me, it’s a scubaliciously perfect video clip done the way that knows how to do them best. With this energetic and beautifully weightless exotic dance performance in scuba, the stunning young underwater performer stays in constant motion straight through the entire seven and a half minutes! It’s a compelling clip that’s practically hypnotic; a cool video that’s certain to “wow” all scubaphiles who adore seeing the most beautiful Mermaids of this website dive classic scuba gear.

Those bright yellow hues in her eye-catching bikini and her fins really ARE very striking, to say the least. And, if there happen to be any “fin fetishists” out there (wait a minute...this IS the Internet after all, of COURSE there are!), all I can say is: just wait ‘til you reach the 03.20 mark!

Whatever you do, don’t miss the 04.28 mark, where Mermaid Kiki introduces us all to “the girls” to sort of “top things off,” so to speak.

Overall, one very lovely and sexy scuba clip! The perfect combination of classic scuba gear, a gorgeous underwater model, and a riveting “movie” performance you won’t soon forget, and one that’s FAR more entertaining than any of those big-budget, bloated digitally-rendered spectacles down at the local movie multiplex during this summer season! And, unlike what you’ll see in those productions, the water right here is always REAL!

Thanks to for presenting to scubaphiles such a perfect midsummer night underwater treat!

P.S. - Mermaid Tara: here’s hoping you’re feeling much better now!


Kiki looks great underwater in a bikini and twin hose scuba - she seems to enjoy being underwater - thanks for this video - hope you are better Tara , thanks to Kiki , all the team and Tara


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