A Vintage SwimGirl in Black & White ! - Member Comments

Swimcap fans: DON’T MISS THIS CLIP! It’s a great underwater video version of the “Mermaid Helena in Vintage Black and White” photoset which appeared on this website back in December, and anyone enchanted by the classic look of the mid-20th Century ‘capped swimgirl (EXACTLY as she was portrayed in so many of those old films) is sure to fall in love with this one! In this clip, you can watch the lovely Helena’s swim skills getting demonstrated “real time,” confirming what the set of stills previously indicated: Helena is simply amazing in the water, and is able to become “that girl” perfectly!

The way that Helena looks in her swimsuit, and the way that the “old school” white latex bathing cap fits, are worth whatever the combined price of admission to all those classic Hollywood “blockbusters” would have cost an aquaphile back in the day!

All that’s missing here is the old music and soft focus of those classic swim films! Aquawomen.com have successfully transported us “way back there” once again...much better than a Time Machine!

After what happened at 4.20 into the clip can anyone tell me how to remove Helena’s lipstick from the inside of my monitor screen?


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