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Oh, Hay! ;-) Thank you Friend Subby! Speaking of "cans," be sure to enjoy the "supermoon" tonight!

As it is a clear & balmy summer's eve (Yes! In these latitudes even!), I'll be on the "upper ramparts" of my "castle" (i.e. my top deck) enjoying the view. With a bottle of Jameson's. Perhaps if I have too much, I'll present a special "supermoon" to my neighbors (they keep a rooster! :-P) that they won't soon forget! LOL!

...Though Mermaid Hayley here offers us the most HEAVENLY, CELESTIAL (STELLAR, even!) spectacle of ALL!

Ttime :-)

”A beautiful girl in a white one piece swimsuit swims and plays just for you ! And you !! And you too …!!!”

For me??? And me??? And me…??? Why THANK YOU Mermaids ‘Ley and T!!!!! So thoughtful, kind, and understanding of you! I believe that accounts for most of the voices in my head! Except perhaps for a couple… (Only my therapist knows for sure.)

Ooooooooh yes Mermaid T! I’m with subby and scubasmurf! Mermaid Hayley ALWAYS looks gorgeously gorgeous! But she looks ESPECIALLY hot in this swimsuit! I likey! VERY much.

I’ll refer you back to the still gallery for my previous comments, all of which remain valid for this vid! And as subby alluded to in his post, SOOOOO awesome to see a dream come to life in front of my waking eyes! The magic of vid. I recall from one of your previous postings one of your magnificent Mermaids™ asked, “You mean they want to watch me just swim around…?”


YESYESYESYESYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IDO!IDO!IDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Now there’s 2 very teensy words that’ll get you in BIG trouble! ;-D ;-D ;-D)

Well, unfortunately I’m a bit pressed for “Ttime” now, so I must go. I couldn’t leave without appreciating that Mermaid Hayley’s last UNBELIEVABLE underwater smooch in this vid was so big I could hear it! ROWR!

…And seeing her swim above in the light while sporting her ‘70’s white swimming finery vinery, all I could think was “WHOA! Heaven MUST Be Missing An Angel!” Seriously!

Perhaps more later… When I’ve watched this vid again… and again… and again…


Ttime :-)

WHITE-HOT...AND VERY, VERY COOL! This is a video that delivers nearly six solid minutes of pure aquaphile Heaven! It’s world-class underwater beauty presented to us with the superior standards that we’ve come to expect from Aquawomen.com. It opens EXACTLY like a scene from an aquaphile’s fondest dream! Mermaid Hayley is, as Scubasmurf aptly notes below, always a total stunner in anything she does for this website. In this clip she’s even somehow MORE beautiful than ever, creating a total underwater “vision” with impressive ease, and wearing the perfect suit for the occasion.

When you watch this vid, a thought immediately crosses your mind: is it possible? Can any woman on Earth REALLY look so stunningly spectacular while swimming underwater? Rest assured--Hayley can! And speaking of Hayley’s can, starting at about 01.05, you will see a PERFECT “up close and personal” look for a good 20 seconds. “Can” is of course a quaint American slang term for “derrier,” sorry to bum anyone out who might object to its use, but what did you expect?

Shooting this from below works brilliantly, really helping to create the ethereal, dream-like atmosphere while showcasing Mermaid Hayley’s swimming talent. At about 02.25 to 02.30 she does a perfect “swim-by” scene as she descends from the surface, a lovely look at this gorgeous Mermaid that just may tend to make you envy the lucky underwater videographer.

Thanks to Mermaid Hayley (who I know I’ve seen in my dreams many times before, but never before so perfect as she is here) and thanks to the folks at Aquawomen.com for always producing this kind of video, THE very kind that tends to make our aquaphile dreams even better than before (and that’s literally true for me, because my baby-boom-generation brain is only 480i SD analog!).


Great video , nice swimsuit , incredible mermaid - Hayley rocks underwater and always looks stunning - thanks Hayley , Tara and all the team - looked at the comments for the photo gallery - Tara , you are sweet , definately not a bimbo! You are a incredibly talented chief mermaid


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