Mermaid Hayley Dives in Yellow ! - Member Comments

What a lovely ray of sunshine
Cheers Hayley xx


HAYLEY-YELLOW-WELL-WET! It’s the sunny and totally stunning Mermaid Hayley perfect once again, in and out of “that” swimsuit; the very one we’ve seen that really does remind one of a beautiful warm summer day! She’s already driven us scubaphiles completely wild in her previous underwater photosets in this gear, and now we get to watch how she does it on video. And, she definitely has a couple of things to show us during this clip!

This is a clip that’s nothing less than spectacularly “scubalicious!” The fact that the lovely Hayley’s swimsuit matches the very shade of yellow that happens to be the most inviting hue of the entire spectrum has something to do with it; but then again--she’s ALWAYS a sultry vision anytime we’ve seen her underwater in scuba. Hayley is indeed TOTALLY sensational in this clip--so good that scuba fans will no doubt soon make it one of their all-time faves. Guys, I’d like to remind you that you’ve got to try to remember to breathe while you’re watching it!

This clip also presents a visual treat for more than just those of us who love to see vintage scuba in action on a gorgeous modern Mermaid. There are also some very cool edits in the clip that anyone who may be into video will really appreciate. Really, they look like “million-dollar quality” effects--perfectly “magical.”

I keep watching this again and again to get a good look at Hayley’s classic USD regulator, and, uh, there are also some other beautiful things to see in this video that I think have already been pointed out. I’ve got to go now because I’ve just GOT to watch this again! I need to look at, I mean that regulator again! Thanks to for this amazing clip!


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