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Hope there is a gallery too go with this video , i love mermaid Hayley underwater, especially using twin hose scuba gear - she is a beautiful , sexy , pretty cute , extremely hot scuba honey


Ever since Mermaid Hayley’s first scuba photo shoots for this website, she has impressed a lot us as one young woman who could easily play the role of a “Bond Girl.” She has the PERFECT looks for it; not only is she totally convincing underwater geared up in a double-hose scuba rig, it’s her amazingly sultry eyes that really “seal the deal,” and this video confirms it.

And what a video it is! Movie Cine? Yes indeed--this DEFINITELY has the look! No doubt about it--much of the reason she so reminds me of a 007 girl in this clip HAS to be the fact that it is shot and framed so much like a film.

A lot of us guys won’t be spending too much time staring at her lovely eyes in that oval mask; that’s just the way guys are. We can’t help it much--when a fit woman is so perfectly endowed and so gorgeous, our gaze always tends to go a bit lower than her lovely face.

This is one scuba clip that I cannot stop watching! I just love the “50% off” bikini and the DH regulator, I love how her fins, bottoms, and mask match up, and I’m awestruck at how absolutely natural Hayley is diving that classic DH regulator (and it’s a German type that is very rarely seem on my side of the Atlantic, another reason that I just can’t stop watching this!). She’s totally “scuba cool” with moves every bit as hypnotic as her eyes in this vid, so much so that I fear scuba fans of this website might be tempted keep hitting the “more like this” button until it wears out!

Thanks Aquawomen folks--this was a matchless (and beautifully topless) delight for the scuba fans, who’ll no doubt all fall totally in love with Mermaid Hayley as soon as they see this clip...if they haven’t done so already!


Nice video ! Twin hose , vintage mask and one HOT sexy topless mermaid - Hayley seems to enjoy scuba and always looks fabulous underwater - she is a naughty mermaid though , and incredibly sexy - nice to see her back underwater - can we see some of your mermaids above water please , maybe kitting up , getting ready to scuba or snorkel - thanks for a great video - thanks Tara , all the team , and also Hayley , a fabulous , sweet , cute , beautiful mermaid


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