Mermaid Helena - Black Rubber Drysuit Diver ! - Member Comments

FREE HELENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just KNOW she's in there SOMEWHERE!!!!!!!!!!

I shall be ALL.TOO.HAPPY. to step up to liberate her of her clothing encumberances...

(OK. Just kidding. No offense to the drysuit fans... ;-)

Ttime :-D :-D :-D

More drysuits please! Above or below the water.


The heavy gear scuba guys are sure to LOVE every second of this one--I know that I did!
Mermaid Helena can be a truly gorgeous frogwoman anytime, in any kind of scuba--but rarely will one EVER find VIDEO of such a "smokin' hot" young woman diving a full-face mask in a heavy duty drysuit!

With the usual attention to detail,
this lovely clip gives us a very clear view at one seriously geared up young lady tech diver. You'd have to be her dive buddy to get any kind of a better look!

Helena obviously "knows what she's doing" in a drysuit, and slowly moves underwater just like a vision of an angel (but one who's traded her harp for a Mantis mask and tucks her wings under black rubber for a change!) Her beautiful eyes can be clearly seen though her FFM, and that drysuit cannot hide the fact that she's one shapely Mermaid!

Though it's almost seven minutes of scuba fun with Helena, the clip seems to go by a lot faster than that. I loved the bit at 3.24 where she shows us that she knows exactly where her inflator valve is located, and how to use it, and near the end of the clip at 6.25, where she sends us a kiss and then presses the valve to ascend; and like a very good diver, she does not allow herself to rise faster than her own bubbles.

GREAT job, Helena and the Aquawomen folks! Pure and simple, this kind of clip is video heaven for the "heavy gear heads," and I hope they all have no trouble finding it, because this level of quality is not usually found anywhere else on the 'net but right HERE!


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