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Hay-llo Hayley…

Yes. I adore you in your teensy red bikini, your cute little waves, and your bubbly kisses…

And perhaps the pool was a little nipply nippy…?

”…Hey, I just thought of something, next time shall we do it with a white T-Shirt and a white bathing cap - subby/bc ? ;-)…”

A CAPital idea, Mermaid T! Yet another “Now THERE’s something you don’t see every day” idea…

(…And if Mermaid Hayley actually likes us to watch her do her scuba thing, **sigh** how could I POSSIBLY avert my eyes…? ;-)

Ttime :-)

Hee haa. Hayley cometh.......This t-shirt must be Hayley's own shirt cos she fills it stunningly.

Just love the vintage mask, very nostalgic.

Hey subby, just imagine Hayley in THE DEEP, meeting up with Porchia in SEA HUNT, both attired in colourful classic bathing caps????

OMW, the pulse rate quickens...

Tara, you are the enticing Queen of note....thank all.


next time shall we do it with a white T-Shirt and a white bathing cap?



DEEP DUE DO! A few months ago when the photoset version of this appeared, I indicated that I thought it to be one of the best “takes” yet on that epic underwater action film, based on Peter Benchley's book and with cinematography by the legendary Al Giddings that most of us scubaphiles thoroughly enjoyed way back in 1977 (I remember how theatre marquees all screamed: “FROM THE AUTHOR OF—-JAWS!!!”).

Well, after seeing this latest vid, I still stand by that. It’s 6-1/2 minutes of scubalicious fun with Mermaid Hayley and if you do remember seeing “The Deep” in the theatre, I suspect that her gorgeous looks and her amazing underwater moves here will not merely just put you back into the frame of mind you may have experienced when you first watched the movie--you could even actually end up forgetting the name of that lovely English brunette leading lady in the original film, something like a whole decade before Hayley was even born!

Okay, okay, now…I KNOW it was Jackie Bisset, how could anyone EVER forget her? A genuine ‘70’s “screen siren” if there ever was one!

But, please just imagine if there were to be a big budget 2014 remake of “The Deep.” A contemporary beauty like Hayley would be so perfectly AWESOME in the part! She looks so amazing that she could easily, all by herself, bring back the “white-T-shirt-as-divesuit” look!

This look really is a classic scubaphile fave which, as long as does it, cannot possibly be “re-booted” too many times. And, just in case you were not around in the late ‘70’s and you somehow find it hard to believe, I can confirm that it REALLY is true: “The Deep” really DID cause a lot of people to get interested in scuba, and white cotton T-shirts for women did have a considerable “bump” (or two!)in sales during the summer of ’77, and a lot of folks suddenly wanted to book vacations to Bermuda.

Once again, due to the efforts of the folks at, our obsession with this film scenario “deepens.” Another very enjoyable clip for the scuba fans among us!

To Tara: I think that if you do a shoot featuring a Mermaid in a white cotton “T” wearing a classic swimcap, you would definitely have something “new and different” there. I can’t recall ever seeing that specific combination before, but it does sound intriguing, sort of like “The Deep Meets Sea Hunt.” To me, ‘caps are always very cool to see on a beautiful swimmer, and the “no-cap” crowd can be placated somewhat by having the model doff the hat underwater at some point in the shoot—a maneuver that can look pretty amazing all on its own!


Very good idea!! Look forward to seeing the next video.


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